A healthy lawn is a complex system, made up of various moving parts that all work in unison to create the lush turfgrass you so desire. One such part is your soil, which every lawn grows within, and then on top of. This means that the role that soil plays in your lawn is large, so keeping it healthy is a must. It must be nutrient-rich to properly perform its duties, with more nutrients meaning increased efficiency of these tasks. The healthier and happier your soil, the greener your turf. In previous blogs we have discussed soil health, and how the prioritization of organic material is most beneficial long term. In this blog, we will be discussing the role your soil plays in your lawn, which is greatly enhanced when soil health is maintained. Remember, healthy soil makes for healthy turf.

Water Regulation

A primary role your soil plays in your landscape is to facilitate the transfer of nutrients from nature, to your plants. In the case of water, rainfall or irrigation is filtered through your soil, with harmful compounds removed, and pure nutrients left over. There are an immense amount of pollutants that have the potential to be present in your water, from heavy metals to degraded pesticides. Acting as a substrate, your soil absorbs nutrients while natural desorption processes separate out contaminants. Additionally, the amount of water absorbed is important in determining the depth of root growth. This is why we recommend watering our hard clay soil in short bursts, as to train roots to dig deep for their water. Water is also an important component of the photosynthesis process, which is vital for healthy turfgrass growth. With many forms of water being taken in by your soil; including dew, rainfall, or even runoff, water regulation is essential for your lawn.

Soil Organisms

Let us start with a fun fact. For every 1 pound of soil, there are estimated to be 930 billion organisms present. These organisms have and participate in many functions that are essential to healthy turf growth, and are only found in your soil. While soil is largely composed of minerals and organic matter, these organisms take up 2 to 5 percent of the total volume of native soil. When these organisms die, they become organic matter and further participate in the healthy growth of your turf. Larger organisms include earthworms and insects, while microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi, and protozoa are more directly involved in healthy growth. Bacteria are vital in the efforts to break down cellulose and thatch. They can also assist in nitrification, as well as the conversion of sulfur to sulfate. Fungi make up a large portion of the biomass of your soil and are essential to the breaking down of organic matter as they use it for food. These microorganisms are generally adaptable to adverse conditions, and their survival aids in the growth of your turfgrass. Without a diverse microbial population, soil conditions can become out of whack.

Mineral Storage

As the Earth is quite literally a giant rock, you will not be surprised that soil always contains a large percentage of minerals. There are a few primary minerals found in every soil that play a role in healthy turf growth. These primary minerals act as storage for Potassium (K), with over 90 percent of naturally occurring potassium being found within these minerals. Among other minerals, important nutrients like Calcium (Ca), Sodium (Na), and Silicon (Si) are generally found. There are an immense amount of nutrients present in all minerals, from primary to secondary, but these are the most prominent. When these minerals are weathered through physical, chemical, or biological means, they release these nutrients as they decompose. This happens consistently over long periods of time, which ideally keeps your soil nutrient-rich. When these nutrients are then left in the soil, they are uptaken by plants, or in this case the turf in your lawn. Acting as both storage and release, minerals are an important piece of the nutrient pie.

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