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Take Care of Those Pesky Weeds

We define a weed as any plant growing where you don’t want it. To manage both broadleaf and grassy weeds in your yard, we employ both pre-emergent and post-emergent weed control treatments. The most effective defense against weeds is cultivating a robust, dense turfgrass, achieved by fostering a healthy soil environment. Our team carefully analyzes your soil and evaluates your lawn to apply the most effective treatments, ensuring your grass regains its health and vitality. For the more resilient weeds, we utilize selective herbicides designed to eliminate them without damaging your main turfgrass, ensuring comprehensive weed control in Dallas.

Texas Weed Identification

The first step in treating weed infestation is identifying the weed in question. Our team is specially trained in weed identification, for all of the species relevant to our area. If we cannot identify the weed, we cannot apply proper treatment. We will always be actively inspecting your property on the lookout for potential issues.

grassy weeds

Grassy Weeds

Just as their name would suggest, grassy weeds take on an appearance that is eerily similar to your turf. This is how they often go unnoticed until they have taken over a substantial part of your lawn. With only slight differences between the look of your native turf, and many grass weed varieties, close inspection is needed for early identification. Some simple examples of grassy weeds include crabgrass, dallisgrass, goosegrass, and KR bluestem. Each of these weeds could be mistaken for turf, so diligence is required to rid your lawn of these invaders and other grassy weeds.

sedge weeds


Very similar to grassy weeds, sedges are grass-like plants that cause problems in both lawns and gardens worldwide and are some of the toughest to eradicate. They are more easily distinguished from your turf than grassy weeds but are more detrimental to your landscape. Generally, sedges are identified by their flowering stems that rise above your turf. These weeds will compete for and take away nutrients from your proper plant material, and turf. What makes them most dangerous is their ability to spread belowground through rhizomes beneath your soil. Easy examples of local sedges in Dallas TX include yellow and purple nutsedge.

broadleaf weed

Broadleaf Weeds

By far the easiest weeds to identify, common broadleaf weeds take on an appearance entirely unlike other plant material or turf in your landscape. These weeds may even have pretty flowers, but you cannot be fooled as they can become a deadly issue. Although identification is much easier, the same rigorous process must be done to keep them out of your property. Preventative pre-emergents and post-emergents for those weeds that squeak through our defenses will keep your landscape happy and healthy. Easy examples of broadleaf weeds in our area include plantain, dandelion, clover, burdock, and thistle. Our strategies specifically target broadleaf weeds, ensuring they are effectively managed within your lawn.

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Advanced Weed Control Strategies

We start by identifying the specific types of weeds in your lawn to create a weed control program that’s just right for you and uses as little herbicide as possible. This approach tackles both the weeds you see now and the ones you don’t, helping your lawn stay healthy for the long haul. Our use of carefully chosen herbicides targets grassy weeds and sedges, as well as those stubborn broadleaf weeds, making sure they’re gone without harming your grass. This careful strategy is how we keep your lawn looking great, making your Dallas TX home stand out for all the right reasons.

We weave this dedication to a healthy lawn into every step of our lawn weed control and lawn care services. It’s all about the bigger picture, creating a green, thriving space outside your home.

Complete Lawn Care

We enhance your landscape’s health and appeal by integrating our professional weed control service with our full spectrum of lawn care offerings, ensuring thorough care for your entire yard to prevent weeds and attack existing weeds. This fusion of specialized weed control treatments in Dallas and essential lawn maintenance practices, such as soil amendment, proper mowing heights and correctly watering, establishes a formidable defense against weed invasion. Our lawn treatment service is distinguished by tailored organic fertilization, meticulously devised based on soil analysis, to ensure your lawn receives all necessary nutrients for robust growth. This comprehensive strategy is essential for curtailing weed proliferation and nurturing a lush, weed-free lawn that elevates the curb appeal of your Dallas TX residence.

Seasonal Weed Control and Lawn Maintenance

In our efforts to maintain a pristine outdoor space throughout the year, recognizing the seasonal patterns of weed growth is essential. We apply pre-emergent treatments strategically two times in the spring and once in the fall to prevent weed seeds from taking root. As the seasons change, our vigilant maintenance ensures any emerging weed issues are swiftly addressed, keeping your yard vibrant and healthy all year long.

Customized Weed Defense for Dallas Homes

Given the distinct climate challenges of Dallas, TX, we craft weed control programs specifically suited to the conditions of North Texas. Our goal is to tackle invasive species head-on and achieve a beautiful outdoor area. Whether the issue is common broadleaf weeds or more stubborn grassy invaders, our personalized approach guarantees an outdoor space that’s both stunning and resilient.

Our Green Commitment

Preserving the natural beauty of your outdoor area goes hand in hand with our dedication to environmentally responsible practices. We prioritize safe, eco-friendly weed control methods that protect the environment, your family, and your pets. In addition by embracing organic solutions for fertilization, we focus on bolstering the innate strength and health of your soil to allow your lawn to naturally defend against local Dallas TX weeds.

Achieving a Beautiful, Weed-Free Lawn

At Higher Ground, our goal is to partner with you to create a lush, beautiful lawn. Starting with our commitment, we proactively combat weeds and employ specialized strategies to foster a lawn that not only complements your home but also testifies to the scenic beauty of Dallas. With personalized advice and dedicated attention from our experts, we ensure your lawn reflects the elegance and resilience characteristic of local landscapes, free from the nuisance of invasive weeds. Embark on this journey with us beginning with a complimentary lawn consultation, and take the first step towards realizing the beautiful, vibrant lawn you desire.

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I used TruGreen for several years but was never quite able to achieve a weed-free lawn. JP was responsive and thorough from start to finish. The results have been absolutely amazing!

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