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Your lawn has a significant impact on the overall appearance of your property. If it seems to have lost its luscious demeanor and is in need of revival, Higher Ground Lawn Care & Lighting is here to help.

Why should I choose Higher Ground Lawn Care & Lighting?

We only use the highest quality of products for your lawn. To get into the details, we spray golf resort-quality liquid foliar organic blended fertilizers. We also use the best herbicides and pre-emergents in the industry for effective weed control. We call it The Organic Hybrid Program.


We ensure that your lawn is going to be naturally healthy, dense, and lush. We give it a well-rounded blend of liquid foliar nutritional organic fertilizers that stimulate root development and allow your grass to be its own best defense against disease and weeds.


We provide an annual lawn care program to keep your lawn healthy and fresh all year round. Take a look below to see!


Round 1: Organic Granular Soil Amendment- Jan. 1st to Feb. 14th

To start out the year on Round 1 we begin by using an amazing organic granular soil amendment fertilizer that benefits your soil biology which in turn feeds and creates great roots and healthy turf. We don’t treat existing weeds at this time as temperatures are too cool to get any results.

Round 2: Pre-M - Feb. 15th to March 31st
In Round 2 we apply our 1st of 3 pre-emergents of the season to prevent spring/summer weeds. If temps are up we will also start spot treating existing weeds.
*We also apply add-on services for Annual Fire Ant control and our 1st of 3 seasonal Landscaped Bed & Ornamental (LNO) treatments during this time frame
Round 3: Liquid Organics - April 1st to May 14th
In Round 3 we are applying a liquid organic fertilizer along with iron for color.
* In addition for those clients with St. Augustine or prior disease issues we are also applying your 1st of 2 organic biological inoculant seasonal treatments to combat and prevent turf disease pathogens.
* LNO Round 2 of 3 also is applied during this time frame which are both granular and liquid organic fertilizers to your small trees, shrubs, and flowers.
Round 4: Pre-M / Liquid Organics- May 15th to June 30th
In Round 4 we are applying your 2nd of 3 seasonal pre-emergents. This is further preventing broadleaf and crabgrass from germinating and giving us stronger residual control throughout the summer until we apply your last pre-emergent of the season for fall/winter. In addition to this mix, we have added liquid organic fertilizer and iron for color.
*For those who have opted for Grubworm and Flea/Tick treatments these are applied during this time.
Round 5: Spot Treatment - July 1st to Aug. 14th
During Round 5 which is the hottest time of our season, we have put in so much already in our R1-R4 building blocks that we are primarily doing post-emergent weed control applications to keep the lawn looking clean and weed-free. We are also on the lookout for any other potential disease, drought stress, or pest issues such as Chinch bugs or Armyworms that we will inform you about while the turf is under the most environmental stress it will have all season.
Quick Tip! Have the grass really thick which will help with drought summer heat stress and retain more moisture in the soil below!!
*For those who have opted for preventative Chinch Bug, Misc. Pest control is applied at this time.
Round 6: Pre-M/ Liquid Organics - Aug. 15th to Sept. 30th
In our Final Round, Round 6 we are coming off the peak of summer usually and we are being proactive for the nesting season of fall/winter weeds. We proactively apply bio-inoculants to help prevent fall turf disease. We also apply a different type of pre-emergent than the prior 2 earlier in the year and this is the final treatment of the season before the lawn goes into dormancy. We also add liquid organic fertilizer and iron for color.
*For those that have the LNO Plan, we are also applying the last of 3 treatments which are organic granular and liquid fertilizers

Are you a new client? Welcome to the fast-track approach to lawn care!

For all of our new clients as part of our onboarding process, we have designed a fast-track approach specifically to help get your lawn ready to join our 6-step annual program. We visit your lawn and develop a custom and closely timed fast track program that uses between 2-3 treatments within 30 days. This helps knock out weeds and gets your lawn where it needs to be to benefit from our annual program.


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“We have been using Higher Ground for at least three years. JP does a wonderful job taking care of our lawn fertilizing and weed control. He is dependable and always available if I have any questions. I highly recommend Higher Ground!”

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