Preventative Organic Fungus Control

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Preventative Organic Fungus Control

While pests and weeds are on the mind of anyone who cares for a lawn, fungal lawn diseases are just as prominent a threat. These diseases can cause massive discoloration and death in your turf, which is often difficult to reverse. As a part of our annual lawn program for our clients, we apply preventative fungal treatments two times a year to help prevent disease. Additionally, we ensure that your lawn health is up to standard, as it will be less likely to take on disease, maintaining healthy grass.

Preventative Organic Fungus Control, Bio-Inoculant

This blend was carefully designed as the best defense to protect root systems so harmful soil invaders don’t damage the plants. This product is not listed as a fungicide. We use beneficial microbes to battle bad microbes. Chemical fungicides kill all life in the soil, the good and the bad. That leaves the ecosystem much more weakened and more susceptible to reoccurring problems. This naturally introduces billions of good guys to protect the plant and doesn’t contaminate the soil.

Why Am I Getting Fungus In My Lawn?

Fungus in your landscape is often exacerbated by over-watering, excessive synthetic nitrogen fertilizer, and soil compaction that impedes proper aeration. These factors create an environment that fosters grass fungus growth, leading to the affected turf displaying symptoms like discoloration or dying grass. Proper lawn care practices are crucial to mitigate these issues and limit the presence of fungus in your landscape.

Enhancing soil drainage, adjusting watering practices to avoid excessive moisture, and using the right amount of fertilizer are key steps to preventing fungal infections. Aerating your lawn can also help relieve soil compaction, improving water penetration and air circulation around the grass roots, which helps maintain lawn health and resistance to disease.

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Lawn Fungal Application

Granular applications that are curative and preventative to prevent turf fungus, the disease that can eat away at the roots and foliage. This treatment helps control Brown Patches, Fairy Rings, Grey Leaf Spots, Rust, Root Rot, and more.

By integrating these preventative granular treatments into our lawn care program, we provide a strong defense against the spread of bad fungal pathogens without harming the good fungi, targeting the disease before it becomes visible. This method helps treat current infections and prevents future outbreaks, maintaining the health and aesthetics of your grass plants throughout the year. With consistent application, these granular treatments help preserve the integrity of your lawn, ensuring it remains lush, vibrant, and disease-free.

Identify Common Lawn Diseases

Without proper identification of fungal disease in your lawn, you will never be able to treat it properly. Because fungal disease symptoms can look so similar to the effects of other lawn issues, it is important to be diligent and reach out to local experts. Many simply think it needs more water and make the problem worse. Misidentifying a brown patch or a spot of decay could make the difference between it being gone or taking over your lawn. Click the link below for a comprehensive list of common fungal diseases in our local area.

Common Fungi & Diseases

  • Large/Brown Patches: This disease often appears as circular areas of brown and dead grass, typically expanding in wet conditions. It manifests in circular patches a few feet wide, showing the first sign of trouble with grass blades turning brown.
  • Take-All Root Rot: affects the grass’s roots, leading to yellowing and dying turf patches. It is more prevalent in stressed lawns. The disease initially appears as discolored patches only a few inches wide but can quickly spread, causing significant damage.
  • Gray Leaf Spot: This disease marks grass with gray spots that can weaken the blades. It commonly affects St. Augustine and Bermuda grass.
  • Dollar Spot: This condition is characterized by small, round, straw-colored patches about the size of a dollar coin, indicating a possible nitrogen deficiency.

These diseases and fungi can manifest subtly, with early signs often appearing as mere discolorations or slight changes in the texture or growth patterns of the lawn. Effective management includes proper identification, regular monitoring, and the application of suitable fungicides or cultural practices to mitigate their spread.​

Lawn Disease Control in Dallas

Controlling lawn disease in Dallas’s challenging climate requires a comprehensive approach. Our expertise in local conditions enables us to offer effective lawn disease control strategies that help further protect your lawn throughout the seasons. We focus on maintaining the balance of disease fighting nutrients, crucial to help prevent soil borne and leaf diseases and ensuring your turf remains lush and disease-free.

What Type of Lawn Disease Control Treatments Do We Offer?

At Higher Ground, we offer two types of lawn disease control treatments tailored to the specific needs of your lawn.  One is curative for active issues needing treatment immediately or to boost defense of an outbreak and the others are preventatively incorporated into our comprehensive annual program, applied in our wetter seasons in Spring and Fall. Our arsenal includes environmentally friendly biological-inoculants with a huge nutrient boost to feed the good guys that target bad pathogens while preserving the health of your lawn. We also encourage and educate our clients to incorporate practices such as proper mowing frequency and heights plus  watering techniques that help prevent diseases from taking hold.

What Lawn Diseases Do We Treat?

Our expertise covers a wide range of lawn diseases common in the Dallas area. We treat everything from the notorious large or brown patches and dollar spot to less common but equally troublesome diseases like leaf spot and spring dead spot. Our team is trained to spot signs of these diseases early and act swiftly to prevent them from spreading and causing more serious damage to your lawn.


Higher Ground keeps our yard looking amazing! We have had issues with any number of things that ruin your grass like fungus, etc. We have had zero issues since hiring them and we get so many compliments on our healthy green grass.

Courtney Hedgpeth

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