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It’s amazing how big of a difference holiday or landscape lights can make to your home exterior. Whether it’s to help brighten your home at night, add an additional layer of security, or to help your home sparkle for the holidays, we can help.

Landscape Lighting (front of a home all lit up)

Landscape & Architectural Lighting

At Higher Ground, we devote significant time and resources to learn and develop lighting techniques using products that will create truly breathtaking designs for your home.  Our training by Nite Time Decor teaches us the concept of a “lighting portrait”, where the outdoor lighting designer will use the characteristics of each property to create a unique look, using varying levels of light, and properly-placed lighting fixtures. You will be amazed how beautiful your home looks in the darkness and using smart lighting, you will be able to control the lights from the comfort of your sofa.

System Integrity & Performance Plans

Service and proper upkeep of an outdoor lighting system in Dallas, TX are essential to maintain the maximum lighting effect and ensure your investment will last for years to come. A well-designed lighting plan can lose its effectiveness if not cared for properly over time. As landscape changes and plants mature, outdoor lighting fixtures may need to be adjusted to maintain desired results

Over time lamps lose their brightness causing the overall effect of your lighting system to look dim and yellow. One of the major advantages of a low voltage cable lighting system is that as trees grow and the landscape matures or changes, your system has the flexibility to be adjusted accordingly. Having designed and installed your outdoor lighting system & carefully documented every step during that process, Higher Ground has the advantage of knowing your outdoor lighting system inside and out and can make the proper repairs and adjustments.

There are also opportunities for more options, or to make additions and alterations to your system. We can offer suggestions for additional fixtures and services.

Voltage & Amperage Monitoring

Ensures proper voltage and amperage operating ranges are being maintained which is critical to achieving maximum life expectancy of your outdoor lighting system in Dallas.

Timers, Photocells, & Controls

All automation controlling mechanisms must be checked regularly for adjustment and cleaning. Seasonal changes and weather conditions can adversely affect these components. It is essential that they be maintained to provide consistent turn-on and turn-off times for your system.

Fixture Adjustment & Maintenance

Clean fixtures and lenses, trim any overgrowth obstructing light output, grease lamp sockets and contact points with anti-corrosion compound, lubricate gaskets, and O-rings.

Design Adjustment & Additions

The landscape is constantly growing and changing. Adjustments or additions may be necessary to account for the change in landscape and maintain desired effect.

Infrastructure Review & Preservation

Inspect transformers, tighten lugs and connection points in transformers, check connections, and bury any exposed wire.

Annual Maintenance Service Before and After

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 Landscape Light Installation

Our landscape lighting installation in Dallas are designed to enhance the beauty and safety of your outdoor living spaces. Focusing on quality installation, our team ensures every aspect, from electrical safety to the selection of high-performance bulbs, is handled with utmost precision. By choosing to install landscape lighting with us, you’re not just adding lights, but also enhancing the ambiance and appeal of your property. Trust our outdoor lighting installers in Dallas to bring your vision to life with professionalism and expertise.


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“JP and his team did a wonderful job installing new lighting outside our home. The products are high quality and energy-saving. JP ensured we were 100% satisfied with the lighting design and finished product. We will be using his services again in the future. Highly recommend his work for your outdoor lighting needs.”

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