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Taking your property to a HIGHER level

Experience why your neighbors in Grand Prairie, TX & surrounding areas choose Higher Ground Lawn Care & Lighting to bring their lawn to the next level
"I have used Higher Ground for 3 years now. JP and his crew are very professional and personable. They do a great job and take pride in their work. I don’t have to worry about knowing if they did what they are supposed to do. It’s always been done. Great company and great people."
Rob S. via Google
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Your Lawn Fertilization & Weed Control Specialists

Has your lawn seen better days? Perhaps you want to revive it to its former, luscious green appearance? Whatever the case may be, Higher Ground Lawn Care & Lighting can help you.

Our team specialize in fertilization, weed and pest control services for your lawn. In a nutshell, we will help transform your lawn so it is better than ever before. Along with our lawn care services, we also provide professional landscape and holiday lighting to really help transform your home into something you feel proud of. The 5-star service we provide isn’t just for your lawn — first and foremost, we want to ensure that you receive the best lawn care service you have ever had. But don’t just take our word for it. You can take a look to see what our customers are saying about us here from our verified customer reviews.

If you are looking to transform your lawn, get in touch with us on (682) 206-3596 or tap on one of the buttons below to contact us to see how we can help!
Higher Ground, Pest Control Services, Grand Prairie, TX

Licensed By The State of Texas Department of Agriculture

Professional & Honest Customer Service

We Only Use Quality Lawn Products

Because Life Is Better On Your Lawn

Your lawn has a significant impact on the overall appearance of your property. If it seems to have lost its luscious demeanor and is in need of revival, Higher Ground Lawn Care & Lighting are here to help.

Why should I choose Higher Ground Lawn Care & Lighting?

We only use the highest quality of products for your lawn. To get into the details, we spray golf resort quality liquid foliar organic / synthetic blended fertilizers. We also use the best herbicides and pre-emergents in the industry for effective weed control. We call it The Organic Hybrid Program.
We ensure that your lawn is going to be naturally healthy, dense and lush. We give it a well rounded blend of liquid foliar nutritional fertilizers that stimulate root development and allow your grass to be its own best defense against disease and weeds.
We provide an annual lawn care program to keep your lawn healthy and fresh all year round. Take a look below to see!
Fresh cut lawn

Annual Lawn Care Schedule

Round 1: Winter Application - February

Application of spring pre-emergent to prevent spring / summer annual weeds and spot treat to control already emerged winter weeds. Apply fire ant year-long control if added to the annual plan.

Round 2: Spring Application - Mid March

Application of slow release nitrogen fertilizer, by temperature not moisture, for sustained, environmentally ethical feeding of the turf all season along with spot treatment weed control as needed. Apply fire ant year-long control if added to the annual plan.

Round 3: Late Spring Application - May

Application of our 2nd pre-emergent treatment, liquid organic fertilizer, iron plus a conventional liquid fertilizer with several micro nutrients along with spot treatment weed control as needed. Treat for grub worms if added to plan.

Round 4: Summer Application - Mid June

Application of liquid organic fertilizer, iron plus a conventional liquid fertilizer with several micro nutrients along with spot treatment weed control as needed. Inspect for lawn pests such as chinch bugs, grub worms and fire ants (treatment quoted separately, if needed).

Round 5: Late Summer - August

Spot treatment weed control as needed.

Round 6: Fall Application - Mid September

Application of winter pre-emergent to prevent winter annual weeds, conventional winterizer fertilizer to  encourage root development by reducing the stress of pushing blade growth with nitrogen and feed root zone with potassium (carbs) to prepare lawn for winter months and setup root zone for quick and healthy spring growth.

* If over-seeding cool season turf grasses, extra fertilization can be added an additional treatment cost.

Are you a new client? Welcome to the fast track approach to lawn care!

If your lawn is in need of some emergency care, we have designed a fast track approach specifically to help get your lawn ready to join our 6-step annual program. We visit your lawn and develop a custom and closely timed fast track program that uses between 2-3 treatments within 30 days. This helps knock out weeds and gets your lawn where it need to be to benefit from our annual program.

Lawn care services in Grand Prairie, TX

What our customers in Grand Prairie are saying about us!

"We have been using Higher Ground for at least three years. JP does a wonderful job taking care of our lawn fertilizing and weed control. He is dependable and always available if I have any questions. I highly recommend Higher Ground!"
Lisa via BBB
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Special Lawn Care Services

Outside of our annual program, we also provide a range of other special services to care for your lawn.

Weed Control

A weed is any plant somewhere you don’t want it to be. We use pre-emergents and post-emergents to control your broadleaf and grassy weeds. The best defense is a strong, dense and vibrant turf grass due to maintaining healthy soil biology. We take special care to examine your soil, assess your lawn and ensure we’re applying the proper treatment to make your yard healthy and green again. And for those extra tough weeds, we use selective herbicides to target these without harming you primary turfgrass.

Weed removal

Pest Control

From fire ants, grubs to mites, ticks, fleas and more, we help your lawn defend against these common pests and stop them from causing trouble in your outdoor space.

Our team are experienced in understanding how to safely deal with common pests you come across on your lawn.

Ant hole

Small Tree & Shrub Care

For your shrubs and smaller ornamental trees, we offer foliar feeding and systemic pesticide applications. We apply this three times per year.

Shrub care in Grand Prairie

Fungicide Applications

Liquid applications that are curative and preventative to prevent turf fungus, the disease that can eat away at the roots and foliage. This treatment controls Brown Patches, Fairy Rings, Grey Leaf Spots, Rust, Root Rot and more.

Turf disease

Our Promise To You

We fully stand behind everything we do here at Higher Ground Lawn Care & Lighting. If we make a mistake, we make it right — period. Our lawn care is backed with a full money back guarantee if you do not see the results you expect and certain products we use in our lighting division have a manufacture warranty (which you will be made aware of).

Helping Your Property Shine!

It’s amazing how big of a difference landscape or holiday lighting can make to your home exterior. Whether it’s to help brighten your home at night, add an additional layer of security or to help your home sparkle for the holidays, we can help.

Landscape & Architectural Lighting

At Higher Ground, we devote significant time and resources to learn and develop lighting techniques using products that will create truly breathtaking designs for your home.  Our training by Nite Time Decor teaches us the concept of a “lighting portrait”, where the lighting designer will use the characteristics of each property to create a unique look, using varying levels of light, and properly-placed lighting fixtures. You will be amazed how your beautiful your home looks in the darkness and using smart lighting, you will be able to control the lights from the comfort of your sofa.

Landscape lighting project in Grand Prairie, TX

Holiday Lighting

There is nothing like beautiful sparkling lights in the holiday season. But we understand that putting up the Christmas lights takes a lot of time and effort — and not necessarily time you have during such a busy season when you want to spend it with those that matter most.

Let us help bring the cheer this Holiday season! From your personal home, local church, apartment complex and more, we will help your property sparkle. We only use commercial outdoor grade LED technology with a host of color options for both residential and commercial properties in and around Grand Prairie. Tap on one of the buttons below to see how we can help you today or click here to learn more about our holiday lighting service!

St. Stephen's Christmas Lights

Patio Lighting

This is sometimes known as Bistro Lighting. This kind of lighting provides lighting over your patio or your outdoor living area so that you can enjoy your backyard after the sun goes down.

Patio lighting in Grand Prairie, TX

What our customers in Grand Prairie are saying about us!

"JP and his team did a wonderful job installing new lighting outside our home. The products are high quality and energy-saving. JP ensured we were 100% satisfied with the lighting design and finished product. We will be using his services again in the future. Highly recommend his work for your outdoor lighting needs."
Genna R. via Facebook
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Higher Ground Lawn Care & Lighting family

Life’s Better Outside!

Hey there! Thank you for visiting us here at Higher Ground Lawn Care & Lighting. My name is JP and I’m the owner around here. My wife and I started this company on the side of my full time job as a way to save more money. Little did we know that my job would be eliminated very soon presenting me the question: Do I go get another job and build someone else’s business or start my own?

Well you guessed it, Higher Ground was born in response to that very question. I have always wanted my own business and I love the outdoors. It seemed to be a natural fit not to mention all the fond memories as a child I have playing barefoot on my grandfather’s cool lush grass under a big oak tree.

However, I wanted to be different from the run of the mill lawn care company out there. As a Christian, I wanted this to be a purpose driven business with a higher calling:
  1. ​To be environmentally ethical, encouraging organic methods as much as possible keeping our pets and children safe.
  2. Making a lasting impact by fighting injustice where we live.
We want to serve our customer’s properties as if they were our very own, promoting beautiful outdoor spaces encouraging family and friends to spend more time together outdoors, while glorifying the Lord who made it all.

Our Scripture: The grass withers, the flower fades, but the word of our God will stand forever. Isaiah 40:8​