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For the discerning client, we exclusively offer premium Organic Lawn Fertilization and Ornamental Care, Lawn Pest control, weed control, and lawn disease control in Dallas, TX! Plus we are experts at elevating your property with our superior Outdoor Lighting services: Landscape Lighting, Architectural, Patio Lighting, Holiday, and Christmas Lighting. We specialize in delivering unparalleled value, great communication, achieved desired outcomes as quickly as possible with as little effort on your end as possible. For clients who prioritize excellence over mere low prices, you’ve come to the right spot. Discover the pinnacle of “Higher” service— reach out today!

 We are best suited for people who:

  • Value communication, responsiveness, and results…not excuses
  • Want a comprehensive multi-step annual program for their lawn, ornamentals, and small trees; addressing organic fertilization, weed control, and lawn pests such as grubs, fire ants, fleas/ticks, fungus, mites, etc.
  • Need new outdoor lighting systems or want to upgrade to a high-grade, low-volt LED isolated outdoor lighting system

We are NOT best suited for people who:

  • Are seeking lawn care services like basic mowing, weed eating, and blowing.
  • Are looking for a lawn care company that is merely there to make a quick dollar without putting in the hard work and effort to keep your lawn healthy year-round
  • Want to cut corners on their landscape & patio lighting installation to save some money

“I have used Higher Ground for 3 years now. JP and his crew are very professional and personable. They do a great job and take pride in their work. I don’t have to worry about knowing if they did what they are supposed to do. It’s always been done. Great company and great people.”

Rob S. via Google

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At Higher Ground, we consider ourselves a premium lawn care service and lighting provider in Dallas, TX combining an organic, holistic, and common-sense approach to our lawns and a well-thought-out design/build process with our lighting offerings. All with good old fashion service, care and a super easy process for you, our valued clients.

Our lawn care services focuses on improving soil biology by using top-of-the-line, time-tested Organic granular and liquid foliar fertilizers. By feeding existing soil microbes with humates, yucca, seaweed kelp, and even Bat Guano, yes (bat poop). By using these and so much more we are staying true to your soil biology, improving the natural health of your lawn the right way, the natural way. In addition we are vigilant on taking care of those tough Texas weeds all to give you the best-looking healthy lawn on the block!

Our Landscape Lighting service offers many forms of Outdoor Lighting options in the forms of Landscape & Architectural and Bistro/Cafe outdoor patio lighting. We are also Dallas’s top Christmas Lighting Installation Provider. We never go cheap on materials or cut corners and employ the best teams to get the job done right ensuring quality services.

If you are looking to take your Dallas, TX home or business to “HIGHER GROUND,” get in touch with us at (214) 531-3369, tap the Request Pricing button, or tap on one of the buttons below to contact us to see how we can help!

Our Organic and Professional Approach

Welcome to Higher Ground Lawn Care & Landscape Lighting, where our commitment to your lawn’s health and beauty goes far beyond the basics of lawn care in Dallas, TX. Distinguished from a traditional lawn mowing service, we offer an advanced suite of lawn care services tailored to meet Dallas landscapes’ unique challenges.

Organic Lawn Care in Dallas

In the dynamic environment of Dallas, lawn maintenance demands expertise and precision. At Higher Ground, we specialize in organic lawn care, utilizing natural and eco-friendly methods. Our organic lawn treatment and use of organic fertilizers are designed to nourish and rejuvenate your lawn, ensuring it remains a healthy and vibrant space. We understand that a lush, beautiful lawn is a matter of pride and a contribution to a healthier ecosystem.

Organic Fertilizer

At Higher Ground, our lawn care service is elevated by our commitment to organic fertilizer, a key ingredient in our quest for a greener, healthier world. Our lawn care services use only the finest organic fertilizers, ensuring that your lawn receives the essential nutrients it needs without the harsh chemicals. This approach enriches the soil and promotes a robust, vibrant lawn. By choosing organic, our clients enjoy the benefits of a lush, green lawn while contributing to environmental sustainability, a hallmark of our dedication to organic lawn care service.

Professional Lighting Services

Alongside lawn service and landscape care, Higher Ground specializes in professional landscape lighting services. Our expertise in landscape and architectural and holiday lighting in Dallas transforms your outdoor spaces, elevating the curb appeal of your property. From ambient lighting to highlight your garden’s features to functional lighting for safety and visibility, our team designs lighting solutions that complement your landscape’s natural beauty.

Lawn Care Solutions for Every Need

Every lawn in Dallas, TX is unique, and so are our solutions. We provide tailored lawn care services to match the specific needs of your lawn. Whether maintaining lush green turf, controlling weeds, or managing soil health, our team brings a personalized touch to every project, ensuring your lawn is maintained and thrives under our excellent service in Dallas.

Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

At Higher Ground, our top priorities are excellent service and customer satisfaction. We invite you to request a free estimate and discuss your lawn care needs with our team. Our commitment is to provide you with an easy and reliable service that transforms your lawn and landscape into a beautiful, sustainable outdoor haven. And as your trusted partner in organic lawn care, we are dedicated to providing top-notch services in Dallas and surrounding areas. Choose Higher Ground for a lawn care experience that goes beyond the ordinary, ensuring a beautiful, healthy lawn for you and your family.

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Department of Agriculture, No. 0727441

Old Fashion Customer Service & Quality

We Only Use Quality Lawn Products

Our Promise To You

Provide an old Fashioned 5-star service and responsive communication along with a great host of high-quality products that deliver results. If we fail to meet that standard or make a mistake, we make it right! You can take a look to see what our customers are saying about us here from our verified customer reviews. We fully stand behind everything we do here at Higher Ground Lawn Care & Landscape Lighting. We will do our utmost to exceed your expectations, through the use of our expertise and specifically tailored products to meet your unique needs.

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