Our mission is to provide precise and efficient agri-drone spraying services using high-tech, AI-driven solutions that optimize crop yields, minimize environmental impact, and save costs for clients through streamlined operations and resource-efficient solutions.

FAA Instrument Rated Private Pilot
License #4144473


License #4985078

Texas Department of Agriculture
License # 0727441

Educated/Trained by
Texas A&M Agrilife Extension

  • 10.5-gal spray tank
  • 40 acres per hour
  • 110lb spreading hopper
  • 360 ° omnidirectional radar with terrain follow
  • Coaxial Twin Rotor (54in propellers)
  • 30 ft Swath
  • 22mph AutoRoute
  • 12-megapixel adjustable camera
  • Centrifugal Nozzles w/ adjustable droplet sizes (50-500 microns)
  • GNSS or RTK positioning for accurate applications

Agri-Drone Application Areas

Wild Game Habitat

• Helping land owners combat invasive species, sow cover crops and establish food plots for biodiversity and soil health.

• Ensuring sustainable ecosystems that attract and hold onto wild game such as white-tail deer, turkey, quail, etc.

Farms, Orchards & Vineyards

• Efficiently spraying pesticides, fertilizers, and herbicides across vast acreages.

• Cost-effective and time-saving treatment methods enhancing fruit and grape production.

Public Sector

• Tailored solutions for federal, state, and municipal agencies, including the USFS, water authorities, public parks, and recreational areas.

• We enhance environmental monitoring, land management, and resource conservation efforts with cost-saving efficient maintenance.

Forestry Site Prep/ Brush Management

• Brush clearing and vegetation control in forestry operations.

• Reduce fire hazards and promote healthy forest ecosystems.


• Aerial spraying for invasive species, like lily pads, cat tails, and more.

• Control aquatic weeds, to eliminate undesirable fish, to control undesirable insects and aquatic vertebrates, and to correct undesirable water quality problems.

Vegetation Control for Industrial/ Commercial Applications

• Control of invasive plants and vegetation around industrial/commercial facilities.

• Ensure safety and compliance with environmental regulations.

These applications demonstrate the diverse range of clients and industries that can benefit from agriculture spray drones in targeted spraying operations.

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