Landscape Bed & Ornamentals Plan

In order to keep your property well structured, it makes sense you will need larger pieces of plant material in your landscape. Flowers, shrubs, and smaller trees fall into this category, providing privacy and security with their size. Keeping them healthy maximizes their benefit to your landscape, especially in conjunction with a healthy lawn. For that reason, we include feeding and pesticide treatments to add nutrients, while preventing pests from causing decay.

Landscape Bed & Ornamentals Plan

Our Landscape Bed & Ornamental Plan is a 3-step program of applications that provide organic granular & foliar fertilizers, disease control, and pest control to ornamentals, shrubs, and small trees.

*This does not control grass or weeds in your flowerbeds. We advise you to use weed barriers/natural mulch for that vs. herbicides to avoid accidental injury.


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