In R3, we apply 30-0-0 Liquid Foliar Nitrogen which is our highest amount of nitrogen for the year. The end of April and the first of May is one of the best times to put down high nitrogen because our warm-season turfs are fully out of dormancy and can uptake the majority of this fertilizer. Also, notice we use liquid nitrogen not pelletized or granular. This product, like all of our products at Higher Ground, is a liquid foliar fertilizer absorbed by the foliage very quickly and then translocated to where it needs to be for optimal plant utilization and health. It doesn’t sit around in granular form where it may or may not make it to the root zone due to the thatch layer or not thoroughly being watered which decreases the viable usability of the product.

We have found most competitors put down their high nitrogen granulated products of 46-0-0 earlier than this which unfortunately is a waste and not very environmentally friendly. Due to the fact, that the turf is still coming out of dormancy the nitrogen isn’t absorbed and 60% can’t be used after a day and the rest is unusable by the turf after 7 days. It basically just lies around unusable until it degrades and leaches into the soil or potentially feeds fungal issues during the wettest part of our year. Although some are told it is a waste and not the best way to go they continue to use it because it is what has always been done. When the turf naturally greens up each year they are led to validate their methods as working but in reality, it is just naturally occurring.

Nitrogen has to be used correctly and timely otherwise it is equaled to using drugs on your turf. Artificially shooting it up to push green tip growth and depriving it of all the other macro and micronutrients it needs to be healthy. High nitrogen is also a common denominator in fungal issues and other stress factors in turf. Lawn care operators either knowingly or ignorantly put it down because it is cheap, greens up the lawn artificially, and creates other buckets of income streams as they are called back out to treat fungus, brown spots, etc. Looks great for a while but when disease or heat stress comes it’s not pretty.

Along with 30-0-0 Liquid Foliar nitrogen, we add Iron, Magnesium, Manganese, Fulvic Acid, and organic Seaweed Kelp Extract. This enhances the overall health and vitality of the turf with a myriad of trace minerals, and cytokines helping to metabolize and improve photosynthesis while continuing to feed root zones.

For any emerged broadleaf weeds we use a Triple blended post-emergent using 3 herbicides to kill a very broad spectrum of weeds quickly and effectively.

At Higher Ground, we take a common sense and healthy approach to Lawn care. We love to interact with our blog visitors, and existing customers and to hear your comments! If you’d like to meet and discuss your lawn or any other questions we can help with contact us here.

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