Our balanced summer fertilizer is 18% Nitrogen, 3% Phosphorus, and 6% potassium. Nitrogen to push blade tip growth, phosphorus to help root zone thrive, and potassium which helps feed roots and add a carb boost in addition to the natural process of photosynthesis turning sugars into carbs for roots to use at night furthermore driving development.

Our root enhancer product is made up of complexed iron, seaweed kelp extract, and fulvic acid. These three work together to give a very well-rounded application of trace minerals, macro, and micronutrients, cytokines to help the turf metabolize better, increase cation exchange for a more healthy and hardy turf as it gears up for our Hot North Texas summers.

For weed control, we continue to use our very effective triple threat blended post-emergent herbicides for almost every broadleaf in our area.

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