In looking at what factors contribute to a holistically healthy landscape, there is much to choose from. Many maintenance services and management best practices make a difference, but there are a few non-negotiable priorities that every homeowner must have. Being a lawn care provider, the one we are most familiar with is soil health. The health of your soil is vital to plant and turf growth, as it is the area in which your plant material forms its roots. The quality of said soil is important, as healthier conditions equate to more nutrients and an easier time growing. When it comes to the services you need to have performed on your soil, the best results are always going to be organic. Your soil is full of organic matter, which is what your soil, and the roots within, use as food. So when it comes to maintaining soil health, an emphasis on organic additions will be essential. Here is what you need to know to keep the soil in your landscape happy and healthy.

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Organic Lawn Fertilizer Application: The Time is Now

Although your plant material is important, your lawn is the first impression of your property. Keeping the soil it grows in healthy, keeps your turf green. Lawn fertilizers generally consist of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Each of these components contributes to the health of your turf, by adding nutrients to your soil. At Higher Ground, we specifically utilize organic granular and liquid fertilizers, which are effectively released into your soil. After an initial application in early spring, we apply blended liquid organic fertilizer twice in late spring in preparation for summer. Then in the fall, we apply fertilizer once again to give turf a boost through the winter. This fertilizer consists of more organic additives, such as seaweed kelp extracts, microbial metabolites, and chelated iron. Adding an excessive amount of organic nutrients to your soil is sure to keep it well prepared for a summer of heat, pests, and disease.

Organic Compost: Going the Extra Mile

The last thing we want to do when taking on soil health is to do the bare minimum, and hope our plant material grows healthily. Going the extra mile ensures that your soil is fed and ready to go when spring growth begins. Compost is typically a DIY combination of dead organic material, like leaves, kitchen scraps, and grass clippings. However, we like to be more efficient and straight to the point which is why we offer our clients organic concentrated granular topdressing. This is a soil amendment like compost, but it is specifically designed to reduce plant water use, and loosen up clay soil. It can revitalize plant beds, and reduce annual weed issues. Last but not least, it is very inexpensive in comparison to other treatments and is sure to assist in the growth of healthier green materials all across your landscape.

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