There are few things more bothersome than property problems. Broken HVAC units, electrical issues, or even a hole in the wall. These issues invade your place of residence, and the responsibility is solely on you to fix them. While these problems are terrible inside your home, they can be even worse when you must spend hours outside in the heat tending to an issue in your landscape. Whether that be pulling weeds by hand, seeding over diseased turf, or applying preventative pest control to an infestation. Although we cannot keep your HVAC unit from breaking down, we can help you with your potential pest problem. All it takes is a preventative pest control application, and you can avoid all these little critters ruining your spring.


Fire Ants

The last thing you want is to deal with a bite from these reddish-brown ants. They are easily identified by their large size compared to other ants, and their stingers can cause hives in humans. The mounds they create can also be intrusive in your lawn, and they will be noticeable with no center hole like normal ant mounds.


Don't Let Little Critters Ruin Your Spring


One of the most common lawn pests in the country, grubs are usually white. They literally eat the roots of your turf, taking away the nutrients that your turf would be used to sustain itself. For this reason, they create brown patches in the turf, and can easily be confused with drought symptoms. 


Don't Let Little Critters Ruin Your Spring: Chinch Bugs


Chinch Bugs

Just like grubs, these critters create brown patches in your turf. They have wings, and they fly around chewing on the actual blades of grass themselves. In doing so they poison your turf, preventing it from intaking essential nutrients like water. On top of these treatments, your yard needs to be kept free of thatch to avoid these pests.


Don't Let Little Critters Ruin Your Spring: Ticks


More of a problem in the woods, your landscape could also possess the thick vegetation that ticks thrive in. However, as they are a common spreader of severe diseases like Lyme Disease, they need to be taken seriously. They can bite both you and your animals and must be professionally removed when this happens.


Little Critters


Another problem primarily for animals, fleas are parasites that leave itchy bumps and lay eggs on your body to multiply and spread. They thrive in lawns that possess excess moisture, or that have unchecked debris lying about. If your lawn is generally healthy then fleas should be a thing of the past.


Don't Let Little Critters Ruin Your Spring


Just like fleas and ticks, mites are parasitic creatures. However, they are from the arachnid family and feed on more than animals. They can cause slowed growth in your lawn, or even severe discoloration when left unchecked. Webbing in the turf is the clearest indicator that there is a mite issue in your yard.


Don't Let Little Critters Ruin Your SpringArmyworms

Probably the scariest pest on this list, preventative control is one way to stop them. Once they have made their way into your yard, it can increase the difficulty of removing them. Using our quick-acting liquid pesticide, we can prohibit these worms from reproducing. Like other pests, they feed on your turf but multiply at an exponential and uncontrollable rate. You might even notice their small, spherical, white eggs laying on blades of turf.


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