Lawn Pest Control

Your lawn faces all sorts of threats, from weeds to disease. However, none of these bad actors are quite as active as pests. These live insects are looking to damage your lawn, causing death and decay. With the warm climate of Texas offering a wonderful environment for plant and turf growth, it also offers great living conditions to pesky critters. The damage that pests can cause in your lawn cannot be overstated, from fire ant mounds, to large brown patches of turf that must be replaced. Our team takes preventative and proactive measures to keep pests out of your lawn, and eradicate them should they dare to trespass on your property.

 Lawn Pest Control

From fire ants and grubs to mites, ticks, fleas, we help your lawn defend against these common pests and prevent them from causing trouble in your outdoor space.

Our team is experienced in understanding how to safely deal with common pests you come across in your lawn.

The first step in taking out a pest issue on your landscape is to identify the pest being dealt with. Click the link below for a comprehensive list of common lawn pests in the area, along with descriptions and tips for identification.

Identify The Enemy!


Very happy with Higher Ground. I laid sod this spring and have them putting down weed and feed plus something for grubs. Excellent service, weeds are dead, hopefully, the grubs are too (haven’t seen any recently). Very happy customer.

Bud Simpson

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