It is no secret that our goal is to beat the competition. We want to acquire clients for our lawn care and lighting business so we can pay the bills and do what we love. It is for this reason that we are actively publishing content about our services and the many benefits they provide. However, this blog will be a little different. We wanted to ask ourselves the question, “why would someone choose Higher Ground?” Instead of talking about our goal, we wanted to be direct and let you know exactly what makes us different from the competition. After reading this blog, we hope you find a reason to “take the High Ground.” 

Why Choose Us?

This is the simplest yet most important question that we ask ourselves every day. We know that for homeowners and property managers to trust us with their landscapes we need to be the best of the best. We combine commercial-grade equipment and experience with a highly trained yet personable staff of technicians who will work directly with you to get the job done. Our team is full of great communicators, who you can rely on to get the job done right when it is supposed to be done. Furthermore, we are committed to science. Rather than rely on the practices of everyone else, we engage in a hybrid organic approach to lawn care that maintains the health of your lawn well after Higher Ground has been gone. With us, you get real change and real results, not just a synthetic boost that lasts the length of a contract.

What Do We Offer?

No, we are not a full-service landscaping company. Our specialty is a lawn care and lighting. Because we stick to what we know, we can do it the best. By focusing all our efforts on crafting the perfect lawn care program, we can avoid the hassle of becoming experts in every area of landscaping. Therefore, we can comfortably claim that you can put your lawn in our hands with our comprehensive “organic hybrid lawn care program.” The program includes organic fertilization, composting, weed control, and lawn pest control. Beyond the best lawn care in the business, we offer a wealth of outdoor lighting options so you can always enjoy the outdoors. 

Will You Take The High Ground? Credibility

Our Credibility

It is one thing for us to make these claims about the quality of our work, it is another thing to prove it. The first thing we would have you check out is our gallery. This is where we show off the work, we have done on our client’s properties. It is right there for anyone to view, and we are proud of our high standards. Next, we would have you look at how our clients feel about this work. On Google, we have over 100 reviews, with an average rating of 5 stars. If that does not show the level of care and professionalism, we show those who choose Higher Ground, we don’t know what does.

Higher Ground Lawn Care and Lighting are ready to take your property to a higher level. Experience why your neighbors and businesses in University Park, TX & surrounding areas trust Higher Ground Lawn Care & Lighting with their properties. Give us a call at (682) 206-3596 or check out our website today.

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