As Christmas and various holidays roll around, many people dread having to string outdoor lights. Do you ever ask yourself, why bother with holiday and Christmas lighting? Hanging outdoor lights is not only time-consuming but a dangerous task to perform one’s self depending on where you hang them.

You could always hire a company to execute the task for you, but homeowners and business owners alike share concerns about finding a lighting company that produces good, lasting work. So why put your time and effort into outdoor holiday lighting?

Outdoor Christmas Lights

Yes, these necessary considerations are all valid, but people still opt for outdoor lighting because of the warm, peaceful feeling that follows as you stand in the presence of the gentle glow. Earlier this March, a campaign hit Twitter calling for everyone to put up their Christmas lights. A global pandemic broke out causing the world to shut down, and people’s first thought was to have Christmas in March.

Whether the light display is elaborate or simplistic, you still get that moment of tranquility. Lights transform the dark into something magical… something joyous. As kids, our parents or friends’ parents would drive us around to see all the light displays on houses and storefronts around town because of the happy memories it would create. We are only on this beautiful earth for so long, so why not embrace the outdoors at night as we do during the day?

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And God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light. Genesis 1:3


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