As your local lawn care specialist, we are often fielding questions about the nature of our lawn care services, and how they are different from the rest. This is completely fair, and with our industry knowledge, we are aware of some of the shady lawn care practices that cut corners and leave lawns worse off. Companies love to “mow and go” while ignoring your lawns’ many needs that extend beyond a trim. Therefore, we employ “organic hybrid lawn care.” It is both comprehensive and health-focused, ensuring that your lawn thrives long-term. In this blog, we will address some of the specifics around this lawn care strategy, so hopefully, you can benefit from organic hybrid lawn care in the future!

Why Organic?

The biggest difference between our lawn care program and that of other companies is within the name. This is nothing against other companies and their methodologies, we just want to let you know why we choose to stay organic. The primary reason we stay organic is that it stays true to the natural biodiversity of your soil. Soil health is an important part of lawn care, as this is where root systems take their nutrients from. These nutrients are a product of the decomposition of naturally occurring organic matter. Some of this organic matter includes animal waste, dead plants, weathered rocks, and bacteria. So, it follows that the best way to keep the nutrient pool plentiful is to add more of this organic matter to the soil. This brings us back to the idea that you can give a man fish or teach a man to fish. Using organic products teaches your lawn to fish, sustaining itself for many years.

Is Organic Better than Synthetic?

This answer will come as no surprise, yes, organic is a better option. The issue with synthetic fertilizers is that your lawn becomes reliant on these short bursts of nutrients that come once or twice a year. Because these fertilizers are chemically based, the frequent application can result in damage or “burn” to your turf. This is not the case with organic products, whether it be compost or fertilizers. Because there is nothing within them that is not already found in your soil, you can go crazy with the organic options. This keeps turf consistently fed over a longer period, and forces roots to work through the natural process of deepening to find more organic matter. If you want more in-depth information on the topic, check out our past blog on organic versus synthetic fertilizers.

What Is Organic Hybrid Lawn Care? Higher Ground Maintenance Truck

Organic Hybrid

You might be wondering if “organic hybrid lawn care” is only a half-truth. We must use synthetic products somewhere. Our pest control and weed control plans are based on the use of synthetic products. But oftentimes, excessive use of synthetic products like fertilizer can be damaging to the lawn, bringing with it unwanted problems. The only way to reverse this is with organic lawn care, as more synthetic will worsen the issue. Rather than destroying life in your soil with chemicals, we add to the soil with an increase in biodiversity. We ethically use herbicides and pesticides sparingly to encourage a healthier lawn and landscape. Just like a detox from those things in life we rely on too heavily, your lawn can benefit from a fresh start with organic hybrid lawn care. We use 100 percent organics for lawn and ornamental fertilization and to combat disease.

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