With the winter months now upon us, we have shifted our educational content towards lighting, boring you for the past year with lawn care, lawn care, and more lawn care. The holiday season presents much more exciting options for your property, with lighting being a main focal point. Of course, there are the permanent smart lights that can replace your Christmas lights, and holiday decor that can add a unique element to commercial and residential properties. The focus of this blog is similar, as we will be discussing a lighting fixture that can be installed on every property. During the holiday season, trees can become festive with the newest lighting trend, tree wrapping. Here are the benefits, and more.

The Newest Lighting Trend: Tree WrappingBring the Indoors, Outdoors

The holiday season is all about celebrating those special holidays, and the feelings they invoke in all of us. When everyone participates in holiday decorating, the sense of community increases with the togetherness of the season. Wrapping trees on your landscape is just an extension of the decorating we assume you do in your home, or place of business. With the latter, you actually want your decorations to be outside, if not only in the interest of driving customers into your store. If your property is a retail location, for instance, you want those driving and walking by to notice your business and come in. Tree wrapping is a surefire way to garner this attention.

Scenery for Outdoor Photography

In the same way, you take holiday photographs in front of your indoor tree, you can now move those photographs outside. Why not do both? For residential properties, this means your in-laws will surely be begging you to host the family dinner, and commercial properties might grab a couple of extra customers who need some warmth after a photoshoot. On top of that, we have all seen the local park decked out in tree-wrapped lights for the holiday season, and it is always a big hit. The same will be true for your property when you add tree-wrapped lighting.

The Newest Lighting Trend: Tree WrappingHost Outdoor Events with Tree Wrapping

If your customers or visitors feel comfortable enough to take photographs outside your property, then you can also host events. Tree wrapping makes for the picturesque background that church choirs, nativity scenes, and carolers love. When your property looks like the North Pole, you can leverage this look to earn more income for your business by hosting. If your property is residential, it sounds like you are stuck with the extended family for the night!

Quality of Professional Installation

On top of the aesthetic and functional benefits of tree wrapping to your property, an installation by a professional will negate any concerns about the quality. With Higher Ground, you can be sure that your curb appeal will peak with a bespoke sparkle to each tree. Our team has been doing this for years, and we know how to get the job done.

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