When your goal is a healthy lawn keeping out disease, pests, and weeds is your primary thought. Engaging in preventative measures to keep these threats away is a great practice and shouldn’t be overlooked. However, the best defense against lawn predators is a healthy lawn. Keeping your lawn in great shape will make it less likely to take on any sort of disease caused by fungus or lawn pests. The most efficient way to directly add the nutrients that keep your lawn healthy is through lawn fertilization. This is because lawn fertilizer contains three specific nutrients, each of which contributes directly to the health of your lawn in its own individual capacity. These nutrients are nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and potassium (K). In this blog we will discuss why these nutrients are so beneficial to your lawn, and what each one does for your turf.

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Nitrogen (N): Greener Grass

Just as the title would suggest, nitrogen acts on your lawn to make the blades of your turf greener. Specifically, it promotes the growth of your turf blades by increasing chlorophyll production, which is directly involved in the photosynthesis process. Nitrogen is found naturally through the breaking down of organic matter and the microorganisms within them. Many nutrients are found this way, as our organic fertilizer feeds soil microbes, which then release already present, locked up nutrients. However, nitrogen is not always as naturally present in your soil as it needs to be, which is why it is a key component in most lawn fertilizers. This is why we use organic lawn fertilizers, doubling down on the quantity and safety of the application. Too much nitrogen can result in a “burning” of your lawn wherein turf can be overwhelmed with growth and experience a weakened root system. Our organic lawn fertilizers include an appropriate amount of nitrogen for our local area.

Phosphorus (P): Root Development

Each of these nutrients is directly involved in an internal plant process that assists in lush growth. In the case of phosphorus, it is responsible for acting as a source of energy for chemical reactions within the plant. It literally helps build blocks of DNA and helps with the transfer of energy into growth processes. It also makes these processes more efficient, with less energy wasted. In comprehensive terms, phosphorus increases the store of energy available for chemical reactions within the plant that result in improved growth. Lack of phosphorus in your turf can cause problems identical to disease, so ensuring that you get a good dose in your lawn fertilizer is a must.

Potassium (K): Long Term Growth and Health

Both aforementioned nutrients operate in a more direct capacity to chemical processes that grow your turf, but potassium is just as important. Potassium addition to your turf adds a layer of protection that keeps out drought, disease, and lawn pests. Unlike the other nutrients, it cannot be overdone as your turf will utilize it to maintain the “turgor pressure” within the cells of your turf blades. This also allows for easier water and nutrient uptake, builds stronger cell walls, and just generally adds to the chemical balance of your turf.

Bonus: Natural Micronutrients Make for a Natural Lawn

Our entire focus in prioritizing the addition of organic nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium is to improve the biology of your soil. Too many synthetic nutrients can cause burning and disease, which is the risk of shortcutting the natural processes of mother nature. For this reason, we use top-of-the-line organic foliar fertilizers that contain organic materials like yucca, seaweed kelp, and Bat Guano. These pieces of organic material feed your soil microbes with micronutrients like magnesium (Mg), sulfur (S), and zinc (Zn). Among other micronutrients, these are very important for plant nutrition and contribute to a natural, healthy lawn. Our organic fertilizers contain a comprehensive mixture of macro and micronutrients to support your soil.

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