Every landscaper must start somewhere. Whether that landscape is a homeowner just starting a garden out back, or a property manager deciding that it is time to prioritize lawn care, we all start from square one. Just like learning any skill, or taking care of any problem, you must start with the basics. Before you can play for the Dallas Cowboys in the NFL, you need to know the fundamentals of football. The same is true of your landscape, and we would argue that lawn and ornamental care is the foundation of your outdoor space. At Higher Ground, we strive to provide the most thorough lawn and bed care programs on the market so that you can truly start from the ground up. 

Organic Lawn Care

When we say, “start from the ground up”, we mean it. This is why the basis of our entire business is on the natural composition of the soil in your landscape. Staying true to the biodiversity and presence of organic matter, our lawn care program minimizes the use of chemicals and prioritizes the addition of organic fertilizers that only add to the natural nutrient pool. We utilize a yearlong program that consists of 6-8 lawn applications. Each round alternates between the application of organic fertilizers both liquid and granular and pre-emergent treatments that prevent disease and weeds. This is where the name for the program – organic hybrid lawn care – comes from. For those just starting out with us, we use a fast-track program to speed up the initial 2 or 3 treatments so your lawn quickly gets where it needs to be. 

Start From The Ground Up

Lawn Pest Control and Weed Control

Keeping up with lawn maintenance is just half the lawn care battle. The other half of the battle is preventing lawn invaders from making their way into your turf and infesting it. There are a ton of weeds, both broadleaf and grassy, that are native to Texas. Many of these culprits are weeds such as crabgrass, nutsedge, and thistle. Each of these can take over your lawn if left unchecked, which is why we combine both pre-emergent applications and post-emergent control to comprehensively care for your lawn. When it comes to pests, there are just as many potential threats. Chinch bugs, grubs, and fleas are just a few of the many lawn pests present in our area. For a complete list of symptoms and ways to identify common lawn pests, check out this page on our site

Landscape Bed and Ornamentals

If lawn care makes up one-half of your landscape foundation, landscape beds surely make up the other half. Keeping pristine plant material is what sets apart good properties from great properties. Just like with lawn care, we use organic and inorganic products in our landscape bed maintenance programs. Flowers, shrubs, and trees all fall into this category and are guaranteed protection from all of the aforementioned invaders with our landscape bed program. 

With this simple selection of services, the foundation of your landscape should be strong so that you can start from the ground up and move to HIGHER GROUND! 

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