Higher Ground Lawn Care and Lighting specialize in managing your lawn through a variety of methodologies and cares about the health of your lawn. Basic generic maintenance of your lawn will not always cut it when it comes to lawn disease and weeds. Weeds and lawn disease are commonplace in Texas, with summer heat stress making matters worse. However, we are most concerned with invasive plant species, or weeds. These weeds can grow exponentially through your property, taking over your turf and ruining your hard work. Weeds can be extremely tough to get rid of, especially after they have a firm grip on your landscape. Therefore, preventative measures are necessary, keeping weeds out before they can get in. Spring is the beginning of new growth in your lawn due to warmer weather. However, it is not just plants and turf grass that begin to grow, so here is why you should prepare your lawn with pre-emergent weed control.

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Pre-emergent Treatment: The Science Behind the Treatment

At Higher Ground, we take a very scientific and common-sense approach to our lawn care services, ensuring that we know our stuff, and are able to provide fundamental explanations to our clients. Many of the weeds that invade your lawn in the spring have been sitting dormant as seeds in your soil all winter long. They reside in the uppermost parts of your soil, ready to spring into action as the soil temperatures rise. The herbicides present in pre-emergent weed control treatments create a barrier that kills off weeds before they can be germinated. With the germination of all dormant weed seeds in your soil prevented, you should encounter a minimal amount of weed pressure in the upcoming season. Typically, these treatments are liquid in format and are utilized in combination with fertilization to give your plant material a springtime nutrient boost. It is important to note that pre-emergent treatment will only prevent the growth of weeds pre-germination and will not kill off already existing weeds.

Application and Timing

In terms of when to apply a pre-emergent treatment, the answer is now! Your lawn care management company should be applying weed control between January and March before spring weeds have a chance to germinate. Additionally, a post-emergent weed control treatment can be applied to kill current weeds as long as temperatures are warm enough, supplementing your germination prevention.

Leave it to the Professionals at Higher Ground

As a client of Higher Ground, pre-emergent weed treatments are a routine part of our lawn care program. However, these treatments specifically should be taken on with great caution, as they require the use of chemical herbicides. Safe use of these products requires experience, state licensing, skill, and training, all of which are possessed by our technicians. For the best results, leaving it to the professionals will be your best bet.

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