Are you a homeowner who likes to go all out for the holiday season? There is no better way to show your holiday cheer than with lighting, even for holidays like Halloween. It does not just have to be Christmas, you could be celebrating a birthday, Hanukkah, or Thanksgiving, and we have an outdoor lighting package for you. However, if you intend to install some level of lighting fixture, it is a best practice to plan ahead of time. For that reason, this blog will be centered around the questions you need to ask, and topics you need to think about to make a plan for your holiday lighting this year.

Holiday Lighting on a house

Property Type and Purpose

When it comes to holiday lighting we work with both commercial and residential property owners alike. This is important when you consider holiday lighting due to the scope of the project. Commercial structures are generally larger, and there are less obvious places to hang lights. With a residential home, lining the roof is no big deal, but there may not be such a thing at a local office park. Try to identify a goal of your lighting, whether it be to attract customers for your business, or to wow the neighbor children and give them a cheery Christmas. This will help the professional get a better understanding of your goals rather than working from a blank slate.

Trees and Shrubs

Beyond lighting your actual structure, you must consider going the extra mile and lighting your trees and shrubs. If you have ever seen a super scary yard during Halloween or a jolly Christmas theme in the winter, they probably began their theme at the property line. If your goal is to go all out, then lighting your trees and shrubs can be a real attention grabber. Something to think about when planning your lighting.

Quality of Lighting

This comes down to doing it yourself or working with a professional. It can be time-consuming to go up to the attic and grab those dim old Christmas lights, something nobody wants to do. On the flip side, our team at Higher Ground only utilizes commercial-grade LED lighting that lasts forever. These lights are not even available for purchase at retail locations and are installed by professionals that take care of everything. With us, you never have to worry about loose wiring, unsealed sockets, or corrosion. When we say full service, we mean that your lighting will be taken care of stress-free.

Permanent Customizable Holiday Lights?

Another consideration to make, especially working with Higher Ground, is if you want to install lights permanently. This might not make sense at first, and it would be fair to ask why. At Higher Ground one of our most popular installations is PermaLites 365. These are smart LED lights that can be installed and controlled all year round. It is a one-time investment that pays dividends for years, as you can change the colors to match the season or holiday. They can be a neutral tone during the rest of the year, or even just turned off! Power efficient and managed from your phone, they are hard to beat.

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