Preventative Organic Fungus Control

While pests and weeds are on the mind of anyone who cares for a lawn, fungal lawn diseases are just as prominent a threat. These diseases can cause massive discoloration and death in your turf, which is often difficult to reverse. As a part of our annual lawn program for our clients with St. Augustine turfgrass, we apply preventative fungal treatments two times a year to prevent disease. For those clients that do not have St. Augustine, this can be an add-on treatment as needed.  Additionally, we ensure that your lawn health is up to standard, as it will be less likely to take on disease. Preventative Organic Fungus Control applications can be applied to those fungal diseases that squeak through, sure to stamp them out.

Preventative Organic Fungus Control, Bio-Inoculant

This blend was carefully put together to provide protection to root systems so harmful soil invaders don’t damage the plants. This product is not listed as a fungicide. We use beneficial microbes to battle bad microbes. Chemical fungicides kill all life in the soil, the good and the bad. That leaves the ecosystem much more weakened and more susceptible to reoccurring problems. This introduces billions of good guys naturally to protect the plant and doesn’t contaminate the soil.

Why Am I Getting Fungus In My Lawn?

Fungus in your landscape is often caused by over-watering, too much nitrogen fertilizer, and soil compaction needing aeration. Higher Ground can consult with you on how to mitigate these issues to limit the presence of fungus in your landscape.

Watering Guide Blog: Are You Encouraging Fungus Growth in Your Yard?


Lawn Fungal Application

Granular applications that are curative and preventative to prevent turf fungus, the disease that can eat away at the roots and foliage. This treatment controls Brown Patches, Fairy Rings, Grey Leaf Spots, Rust, Root Rot, and more.

Identify Common Dallas Area Fungi and Diseases

Without proper identification of fungal disease in your lawn, you will never be able to properly treat it. Because fungal disease symptoms can look so similar to the effects of other lawn issues, it is important to be diligent. Misidentifying a brown patch or a spot of decay could make the difference between it being gone, or taking over your lawn. Click the link below for a comprehensive list of common fungal diseases in our local area.

Common Fungi & Diseases


Higher Ground keeps our yard looking amazing! We have had issues with any number of things that ruin your grass like fungus, etc. We have had zero issues since hiring them and we get so many compliments on our healthy green grass.

Courtney Hedgpeth

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