Although we experience a very warm climate in Texas, we know that a freeze is never out of the question. As we move into the winter months where this becomes increasingly likely so you need to know how this change in the seasons affects your lawn care. You also need to know how this change in the temperature might affect your lawn, and how you can prepare for it. You even need to know how this change in the temperature might affect your lawn, and how you can prepare for it. Considering it is the first impression anyone has of your property; it would be a shame if a winter frost destroyed your hard work. Simply by using the tips we provide you, you can keep your lawn healthy during the cooler months. 

Protect the Roots

One of the most common mistakes that people make when they are moving into the cooler months is they stop feeding their lawn. Because of the climate in Texas, there is nothing but benefits to be gained from organic fertilization like the products we use at Higher Ground. The use of fertilizer is best when applied before the cooler months arrive. Keeping your turf thick is the best way to protect your turf because this acts as a coat to protect the root zone from deep freezes. During a dry winter, applying half an inch of water every two weeks is recommended as the roots are still active.

Keeping Your Lawn Healthy During The Cooler MonthsPrepare for Freeze with Weather Data

There are other actions that can be taken when you know the temperature is going to dip below freezing for an extended period of time. But, to know when this will happen you need to stay on top of reliable weather data on a weekly basis. You should be aware of an impending freeze, and turn off your sprinkler system, while also mowing your turf. When water freezes in your pipes, you run the risk of damage to your irrigation system letting out freezing water into your lawn. Additionally, do not mow your lawn exceptionally short, but remove a third of the blade as close as possible to a frost. Shorter blades will better retain moisture and be less likely to enable soil erosion. 

Limit Lawn Traffic During a Freeze

Once a frost or freeze has already affected your lawn, you will notice your turf become cold and firm. This is obvious, right? Well, when your turf is in this state it will be more prone to damage. Rather than being stepped on and popping right back up, you will feel the crunch of the turf blades underneath your feet, potentially breaking. With that being said, you want to keep all activity away from your turf until the weather is warm.

Keeping Your Lawn Healthy During The Cooler MonthsKeep Turf Clear of Debris

Similar to our last tip about lawn traffic, you also want to keep your turf clear of debris. This is because when things like chairs, toys, and wood are left to sit on a cold lawn, they can cause the area to brown or die. In the same vein, make sure your lawn is clear of leaves and trash because they can block fertilizer applications, and keep your lawn from acquiring the nutrients it needs.

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