In today’s world, the concern for the environment is at an all-time high. Not only are climate scientists preoccupied with changes in the weather, but individuals are also taking more of an interest in the sustainability of their landscape. While this generally refers to the use of native plant material to conserve resources and optimize water usage, we want to focus on sustainability in lawn care. 

Many lawn care specialists love to recommend that you dump chemical fertilizers all over your lawn to stimulate growth. This has prompted many safety concerns from clients of our own. They want to know if their yard is safe for their children and pets. In this blog, we will address this concern, and how you can keep your lawn safe for your animals.

Potential Hazards: Chemical Application

All the questions we receive regarding safety in lawn care revolve around the application of chemical lawn treatments. These could be herbicides, fungicides, pesticides, and even fertilizers. Each of these contains chemicals, if applied in excess, can cause severe health problems for you and your pets. You must also rely on the individual applying the treatment to do so in the proper dosage to ensure safety. We responsibly use control products that are not organic to combat lawn pests and weeds. It should always be an experienced professional like Higher Ground performing these applications. 

Organic Fertilizers

The first way to ensure safety when it comes to your pets on your property is to use organic fertilizers rather than chemical ones. All the other aforementioned treatments are specific to instances where disease, lawn pests, and weeds invade your property, but fertilizer is a must no matter what. At Higher Ground, we utilize both organic granular and liquid foliar fertilizers. These are full of microorganisms that increase the biodiversity of your soil and line up with the biological needs of your soil. These fertilizers do more over time, compared to the quick burst of nutrients that a chemical fertilizer provides. This means that you can fertilize more with no risk of turf damage or pet sickness. Foliar fertilizers are even more interesting, being sprayed directly onto the foliage of your plant material, with nutrients being absorbed externally. 

Lawn Inspection for Early Identification

Truth is, sometimes when your lawn is invaded by a predator a chemical treatment is required to take care of it. However, the best way to avoid the need is to catch potential problems early. If an infestation is caught early, the need for chemical treatment is greatly reduced. Additionally, should there be a need for application, it should be performed by a professional at Higher Ground who is keen on safety and using chemicals safely. Having us inspect your lawn on a routine basis will be best to keep your turf green.

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