With many of our recent blogs on the topic of the cold winter, it is time to move on to something cheerier. The spring is when the most growth happens within your landscape, and primetime to begin new design and installation efforts. This is also when foot traffic in your area is sure to increase, and the time to get your property back into shape for viewing. After looking at your lawn this winter, you might be thinking it is time to start getting serious for the spring. However, it can be tough to know exactly where to start. This is where our team comes in, as we have compiled a few of the ways you can get your landscape ready for spring.

Our Annual Lawn Care Program: Round 1Get Your Landscape Ready For Spring!

For our long-standing customers, this will be of no concern to you. For those who are new to Higher Ground, you might not be familiar with our organic hybrid lawn care program. It is clearly defined, that we use a conglomeration of specially selected lawn care services that use organic materials to improve the health of your turf. By implementing our 6-8 applications, from January to October, we can encourage a healthy and green lawn. To start out the year, we begin by using a pre-emergent herbicide that prevents late winter and early spring weeds from germinating.

Yearly Lawn Inspection

The next recommendation we would make to anyone with a lawn is to look at it. Whether it is performed by the property owner or a professional, catching potential issues early is always the goal. The only way to do this is by inspecting the lawn and being on the lookout for those symptoms and warning signs. Chewed-up turf could be a sign of a pest infestation, or a brown patch could indicate disease or dehydration. Additionally, look out for signs of nitrogen burn in your turf, which could be a sign for you to make the switch to organic fertilizer! Remember, many of these same problems can make an appearance in your landscape beds, so feel free to check those as well.

Consider Design Goals for the New Year

What is it that you want out of your landscape this year? Do you want to impress commercial clients and get them to use your business? Do you want to win awards and be featured in magazines for the beauty of your residential landscape? Whatever that goal is, it is our recommendation that it involves lighting. None of these goals are achieved without the integration of lighting into the mix. These days commercial properties need architectural lighting to impress and show off the appeal of their property. No residential landscape will be above the pack if the lighting is not present. Extend the hours and improve the presentation of your property with outdoor lighting and get your landscape ready for spring.

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