In the world of landscaping the two main terms used for work are enhancement and maintenance. The latter is the most common, referring to the routine upkeep of the outdoor space with services like mowing and fertilization. However, enhancements are an entirely different beast. These are the installations that property owners engage in to do just that, enhance the property. Generally speaking, these enhancements act as amenities, either aesthetic, functional, or both. Finding enhancements that are both aesthetic and functional is tough, as what looks good does not always add to the functionality of the property. This is why we love outdoor lighting, which can enhance the exterior of your property in both ways.

Enhance Your Exterior With Lighting

Enhance the Safety of the Landscape

Beginning with one of the functional ways that outdoor landscape lighting can enhance the property, safety is a byproduct of any added light. Studies have shown that criminal activity such as trespassing is exponentially more likely to occur on a property that is dark. This applies to virtually all types of lighting. Architectural lighting that down or uplights the structure will create an ambient light that brightens everything throughout the property. Permanent LED lighting that lines the roof can be beneficial in this respect doing the same. For more purposeful safety enhancements, walkways can be lit to ensure that those walking the property can do so without fear of a trip and fall.

Architectural Lighting for Improved Aesthetics

Not only can architectural lighting become a bit of a deterrent, but it can also become a beautiful highlighter of what your property has to offer. Not only will architectural lighting like up and downlighting show off the face of your home, but it will also light up landscape beds and plant material adjacent to the building. This improves the curb appeal of the property, as now both your home and flowers will be illuminated at all hours. Curb appeal is ultimately important if you ever hope to sell your home, and there is never harm in maintaining a high property value.

Patio Lighting to Create Luxurious Outdoor Space

Another type of lighting that can be both functional and aesthetic is patio lighting. Also known as a cafe or string lighting, these lights are generally strung up or hung across the top of an outdoor space like a deck or patio. You might recall seeing similar lighting at a restaurant or cafe, hence the name. These lights create a romantic and intimate atmosphere that makes for an ideal at-home date night. With these lights, you can turn what would otherwise be a normal seating area, into a luxurious outdoor patio. Functionally improving the use of your outdoor area and looking great while doing so. Next thing you know you can host friends and family sure to be impressed by your patio that belongs on the cover of a magazine. Now is the time to enhance your exterior with lighting.

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