Being your local lawn care and lighting specialist, you might be surprised to find out that we know a thing or two about landscaping. We must, with many of our clients turning to us for our Landscape Bed and Ornamental care program. One of those recent yet common questions has been about the colder weather we have experienced here in Texas during the winter months. Temperatures dropping below freezing can worry homeowners looking to make sure their plant material is well taken care of. It is well known that freezing winds and low soil temperatures can be problematic for plants trying to intake nutrients and sustain themselves. In this blog, we will discuss a few ways you can be caring for your plants during cold weather.

Careful Pruning to Prevent Disease SpreadCaring For Plants During Colder Weather

One of the riskiest times for your plants is the winter precisely because this is when they are at their weakest point. This is the time in which there is the least amount of nutrients available, and soil is most compacted due to the freezing cold. Plants might take on disease for any number of reasons, but one thing is for certain. This is the time to identify said decay and remove it from the plant material before it can spread. The process is known as pruning and involves using shears to remove unwanted foliage from any type of plant. Only remove that which is diseased, damaged, or otherwise unwanted for structural reasons. This will help your plant push through the cold.

Mulch Installation for Insulation

Another way to give your plants an assist is mulching. Now, this will benefit your plant material greatly beyond the wintertime, but especially now. All types of mulch whether they be organic, or inorganic will act as insulation for your plant beds. Mulch will keep warmth in your soil during the winter, but also help retain moisture and keep heat out in the summer. Not to mention the many other benefits of mulch, including the prevention of weed spread, soil erosion, and pest infestation.

Winter Irrigation for Freeze Preparation

Plant material always needs water, no matter what. While the winter is a time for dormancy in many places, this is not always the case in Texas. For many plants in our area, they still need to be watered through the wintertime. However, even for plants that do not typically need water, you should engage in watering before a freeze. When the soil freezes over water cannot reach the roots, so watering beforehand gives your plants a solid storage to work with until the temperature rises once again.

Last Ditch Efforts: Covering Plant Material

Our last piece of advice is certainly niche and something that should only be done if temperatures and winds dip to the extreme. Plants can be protected by covering them with a variety of materials. Grow bags, pots, crates, and burlap sacks are all viable options you could find around your shed. In any case, this is the way to keep your plants from sustaining damage during severe weather or a long-winded freeze.

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