Even though we spend a majority of our time on our blog educating our customers on the ins and outs of lawn care, we cannot forget the other half of our business – Landscape & Architectural Lighting. After investing so much time and energy into the quality of your landscape, you want to show it off. The daytime is easy, but what about at night? Landscape and architectural lighting can illuminate your investment during the late-night, allowing you longer use of your outdoor space and is great for evening events with friends, family, or co-workers. While there are many different types of landscape lighting, such as path and uplighting, none is quite so primed for improving your personal outdoor experience as Patio Lights. Sometimes called cafe or bistro lights, these are string lights that you might typically see hung up in a backyard, illuminating a backyard, deck, or patio. In this blog, we are going to discuss the benefits of various patio light installations, and how great they can look in your landscape.

Trees: All Natural Hanging

An annoying part of patio light installation can be the need to drill holes to hook lights up around your home. Easily avoiding this, you can settle for hanging them around an already present tree. Of course, this only applies if there are trees nearby, but you should take advantage if so. It will create a natural ambiance, although trees move with the wind and inclement weather, so professional installation is a must to set proper tension and avoid property damage.

Deck Railing: Easy Access

For another easy patio light hanging solution, you can have Higher Ground use professional mounting hardware to custom fit the length of your lighting to the length of your deck railing. This will illuminate only the area you are using, your deck, where you are now completely enveloped by lighting. When they are installed this low, there is very little weather risk, and LED bulbs are easy to replace when they go out.

patio lighting around hot tub

Overhead Hang: Light your Landscape

If you want your backyard to feel like the outdoor patio of a high-end food and beverage establishment, overhead hanging lights are a great option. This lighting installation style makes for the classiest of looks, but for safety reasons, overhead lights cannot be installed over pools or other bodies of water. At Higher Ground, we utilize stainless steel braided cables for premium durability, as well as turnbuckles to adjust the tightness. For a combination of class and functionality, overhead lighting can light up the entirety of your backyard.

Professional Installation: Your Best Bet

Beyond any of these patio lighting solutions, there will always be room for improvement. This is why for premium quality lighting, and installation, you should use a professional like Higher Ground for your patio light installations. Our team members are trained in every best practice and can ensure that installation is up to our high quality of work standards. We can even tailor our installation to your exact aesthetic desires, or provide our experienced ideas for peak ambiance.

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