Although our primary focus is on lawn care, we are totally invested in the aesthetics of our customer’s property. This motivates us to go beyond landscaping, into the architectural appeal of the house. That first impression from the curb is so important, even driving property value. Our favorite way to do this is with the addition of permanent outdoor lighting. These lights are both inexpensive and trendy, adding a unique feature to your property that is sure to impress. We know this, hearing about them from a satisfied client after satisfied client. Here are all of those benefits of permanent outdoor lighting.  

What is Permanent Outdoor Lighting?

When we refer to permanent outdoor lighting, you may be a little confused. This is understandable, as our definition is a little different. While you might think of flood lighting or uplighting of your home, we are talking about roof-wrapped LED lights from Permalites that you can manage from your phone. They are virtually invisible when not in use, and when they are being used they can display any combination of colors, tailored to the occasion. Check out the reference page on our site for more information.

Save Money with Customization for Every Occasion

The biggest benefit of permanent lighting on your roof lining is that you will never have to think about hanging something up again. Christmas comes around, and you use your phone to change the colors to red and green. The same can be said for the fourth of July, Halloween, or even a birthday. No more money spent on the purchase or installation of lighting for these occasions. Time is money, so no more worry about DIY lighting install keeping you from other money making ventures.

Long Lasting and Sustainable

These lights from Permalites don’t only look great, they use very little energy, and last for 50,000 hours. As they are 87 percent more efficient in energy use than standard string lights, they only use 12 percent of the energy. Typically they pay for themselves over 2 years of use, which is the same timeframe that you get a full warranty on your lighting. There really is nothing to lose, and everything to be gained with the installation of permanent outdoor lighting. 

Invisible When Off

If you have a fear about installing a clunky architectural lighting system, Permalites plans ahead. When these permanent lights are shut off, they will be virtually invisible to the naked eye. Unless they are turned on, nobody will know they are there, and they will not take away from your beautiful building. 

Pixelated Patterns

Another flashy feature of the lights is that they can do all sorts of cool tricks, beyond just lighting up. Not only can you set the color, you can have the lights change with motion, such as in waves or fading in and out. This just adds to the array of abilities you have to highlight your home and is sure to wow your next visitor.  

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