The holiday season will soon be upon us, and while you may ask what this has to do with your landscape, we are here to answer your question. There are few more exciting ways to draw attention to your property than with outdoor lighting. Although we primarily provide lawn care services, we are known for our experienced consultation and installation of this lighting. Around the holidays we begin to see an influx of lighting requests and must rush to get the job done at a high quality. One way to avoid this and ensure you fit into the schedule is to get in contact with us early, with an idea of what you want. Each holiday can be different but from Halloween to the New Year here are four trendy holiday lighting ideas to get on top of sooner, rather than later.

Wrapped Trees and Shrubs

If you are a sucker for the Christmas season, there is no trendier way to celebrate than with wrapped trees and shrubs. Sure, everyone has Christmas lights, but what sets apart the best from the rest are the accented pieces of plant material. When we wrap a tree or shrub in a lighting display, it shows off the unique shape of that tree, and you have unlimited options when it comes to action and color. If you have noticed an increase in wrapping around your neighborhood, this is probably because it is becoming a hot trend. Do not miss out on an easy addition to your lighting setup.

Three Dimensional Light Installations

Moving away from residential trends to commercial, you have probably gone to the mall and noticed a tree, gift, or even reindeer in the form of three-dimensional lighting. These are becoming increasingly popular as the centerpiece of a commercial lighting spectacle and can show your tenants or visitors that you care enough to invest in their holiday cheer. These installations are even creeping into residential neighborhoods, so you could be ahead of the times with a 3D installation in your front yard.

Line Walkways/Flowerbeds for Any Occasion

One of the simplest yet most popular ways to light a landscape is to line walkways. LED lighting alternating along a path keeps people on track, safer, and looks great. The best part is that you can choose any color combination depending on the occasion. On Halloween, you can select a combination of orange and white, or flip to green and red when Christmas rolls around. For a more inexpensive option, simple lighting of your walkways can go a long way.

Colored Bulbs for Trick or Treaters

Finishing this blog off with a fun, simple, and still trendy way to add some excitement to Halloween night, just retire that boring white bulb and install a colored bulb. This could be any color you please and even thematically tie into your costume. Whatever the case may be, this will make your house a hot spot for trick-or-treaters, drawn to the spooky entryway lighting. You can even add flood lighting into your yard for added effect, or in this case, scare.

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