Without a doubt, every residential homeowner is looking for ways to spruce up their landscape every single year. Often homeowners are looking to beat out their neighbors for the best landscape on the block. One such way that modern properties are attacking this issue is by maximizing their current landscaping investment. Odds are, you have already spent valuable time and capital renovating your property, so why not highlight it? Landscape and architectural lighting are a great way to illuminate your beautiful hardscapes, lush plant material, and architectural staples on your property. Lighting also allows for many creative design options, and the ability to extend hours of presentation. These are not the only benefits of landscape and architectural lighting, but here are 3 you should consider in your design efforts.

landscape lighting in a garden

1. Improved Safety and Security

Beyond the aesthetics of illuminating your property with landscape lighting, there are functional benefits to light at night. It is well known that lighting is a great deterrent for criminal activity, preventing everything from trespassing to robbery. People are much less likely to do something wrong if there is potential to be seen, which increases exponentially when your property is well lit outdoors. This will create a feeling of security, as your property is more comfortably used during nighttime hours without fear. Walking around your property at night could be aided by lighting, preventing the potential of a slip or fall. In terms of design, lighting walkways, patios, and structures can illuminate high traffic areas. Ensuring that late-night property use is safe and secure.

2. Increased Longevity of Curb Appeal

Another benefit of landscape lighting is the extension of the hours where your landscape is visible. Your investment into your landscape was intended to be seen, but this is tough when the sun goes down. Installation of landscape and architectural lighting at the front of your property can highlight your home and your healthy greenery. As you go about the design process, a great place to consider lighting is your front entrance. This is the first impression of your property and an important piece of curb appeal. Adding lighting to highlight this area will give people a better impression of your property, more likely to spend their time and money within.

3. Increase Hours of Usability

Every homeowner should be able to enjoy their outdoor space for as long as possible no matter the time of year. Whether it be the short days of fall and winter or the longer days of spring and summer, just because the sun goes down doesn’t have to mean the outdoor fun is over. Update your property with modern landscape and architectural lighting to extend your outdoor living. Add café lights to your patio, floodlights for outdoor yard games, and spotlights to illuminate your garden and landscape structures, creating the perfect ambiance for your family and friends to enjoy.  With any residential property, adding outdoor lighting means more hours for children to play, pets to roam, and late-night games to be played. Your property is yours, and you should be able to use it. Lighting will enable you to get more use out of your prized investment.

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