There’s always something captivating about beautifully lit buildings and landscapes. Landscape architecture lighting can evoke emotions and captivate onlookers, which speaks highly of its visual appeal. However, it goes beyond mere aesthetics. Learn about the various benefits of outdoor landscape lighting and why these solutions are more important than what people think.

landscape lighting in a garden

Benefits of Landscape Lighting

Outdoor spaces can become extensions of your home. Some can be made into receiving areas where you can entertain guests. Others can be transformed into lounging areas, kitchens and other tasteful retreats that allow you to enjoy your property and the outdoors. One of the ways you can create these spaces is through landscaping lighting.

Installing landscape lighting offers several benefits. Lighting fixtures can illuminate trees, pathways, gardens and other outdoor spaces. Architectural lighting also highlights the features of a building or home, underscoring its shape, color and texture. In addition, these lighting options allow property owners to enjoy their outdoor spaces after the sun goes down.

Here are some of the key benefits when installing landscape architecture lighting:

Elevate Your Property’s Aesthetics

Architecture and landscape lighting can enhance the beauty of your home’s exteriors and project its charming features. You can use various outdoor lighting fixtures to illuminate pathways and draw attention to your home’s facets that are worthy of attention.

Properly positioned lights can create a sense of drama in the nighttime, making various landscape features stand out. All of these effects enhance your home’s curb appeal.

Improved Safety

When outdoor spaces are well-lit, you reduce the risk of accidents when people stroll out at night. Installing landscape architecture lighting on critical areas, such as stair railings and by the poolside, make it easier for people to find their way.

Enhanced Security

According to a study by the New York City Housing Authority, adding outdoor lighting to your home can help reduce burglary and other crimes by 39%. Architectural and landscape lighting can help protect homes from intruders. Some can be outfitted with motion sensors to work well with your home’s security system.

Improved Functionality

Specialty and general lighting fixtures like flood and umbrella lights can help increase your yard’s functionality. For instance, you can have nighttime barbecues or set up late-night fine dining for family and friends.

Increased Value

Estimates by the National Association of Home Builders show that architectural and landscape lighting can help boost a property’s value by up to 20%. However, it is essential to note that these fixtures should be professionally installed to merit the increased valuation.

Take Your Property to the Next Level

Do you want the full benefits of landscape and architectural lighting? In that case, working with seasoned professionals, like those from Higher Ground Lawn Care & Lighting, is highly recommended for premium quality lighting and installation.

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