There are many different things you can see on your lawn that might not bring a smile to your face. You have all the common denominators, like weeds or pests, but there are some that might not be so obvious. Mushrooms taste great as an accent to many types of cuisine, but not so great in your dirt. They can also be an eyesore, taking away from the beauty of a lush lawn. However, this eyesore is often the result of great lawn health! Generally speaking, we want to avoid mushrooms on our lawn if at all possible, which can be tough when you are a great landscaper. If mushrooms are popping up on your lawn, look no further than this blog. We will identify both why, and how to deal with them.

Mushrooms on your lawnYou Have a Healthy Lawn

Although this may seem counterintuitive, mushrooms popping up on your turf is almost always an indicator of a nutrient-rich lawn. Like every other living organism, mushrooms need ample nutrients to survive, thus if they are on your lawn then you must possess an excess. Unfortunately, you can be too good when it comes to lawn care, but hold on and read more about our control methods.

Excessive Lawn Thatch

Another place for mushrooms to acquire those much-needed nutrients is through the thatch sitting on top of your soil. This is still organic material albeit decayed, but mushrooms will feast nonetheless. If you see a clump of smaller mushrooms then check for thatch. The solution will be aeration or scarification to get rid of the thatch.

The lawn is Cool and Wet

Often the reason for sections of your turf staying cool and wet for too long is shade. These sections of your turf are more at risk for mushrooms than others. They do not do as well in the sun, and the excess moisture adds more of an essential nutrient to the mix.

Drainage Issues Causing Standing Water

Moisture has to get into your lawn somehow, and the culprit can often be poor drainage. When rainfall has nowhere to go and pools up on your property, it creates an environment primed for lawn problems, not just mushrooms. Your soil can only soak up so much, and any excess will just sit. Retaining walls and french drains can be one solution, directing runoff to a specified area.

Decayed Tree Root Systems

An additional location that mushrooms can grab nutrients from is decaying organic material within your soil. Most often this would be the decaying wood of a tree root system. If you really wanted to pull up turf and remove the issue you could, but odds are the mushrooms will die out after sucking all of the nutrients out of the organic matter in question.

General Mushroom Control Options

Prevention of these common causes is the number one way to keep mushrooms out of your lawn, but they may persist. There are three options, beginning with hand removal. Gloves should be used, and mushrooms may still germinate and come back. They can also be mowed, which achieves the goal on a weekly basis, and is probably the most efficient option. We must remember that mushrooms are an indicator of positive soil biology, and typically just a temporary eyesore.

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