Healthy Lawn Basics

August 2, 2017
We start with the fundamental cultural practices – THE BASICS.

First up is watering correctly.

For more detailed info read our North Texas Watering Guide blog specifically about how to do this.

Second is routine mowing with sharp blades and ensuring the correct mowing height, usually HIGH.

  • Sharp blades ensure a clean cut as opposed to a tattered or frayed end of the leaf blade. Clean cuts bring less stress to the turf. Dull frayed cuts stress the turf and also are more likely to get diseased. You can check this by visually inspecting leaf blades after you have mowed. It’s very easily noticeable.
  • As it gets hotter you want to mow higher as a general rule of thumb.
  • Thick turf shades soil yielding higher moisture retention which encourages deeper root development.
  • Thick turf also does an excellent job of shielding migrating weed seeds from getting to the soil and germinating.
  • The higher the leaf blades the more surface area for photosynthesis to take place in converting chlorophyll (what makes grass green) to sugars/carbs (energy) for feeding roots which in turn feed the turf and cycle continues.

Third is hiring a professional and knowledgable company, like Higher Ground, to give consistent lawn care treatments and advice throughout the seasons.

  • We use a combination of Organic and Conventional Fertilizers.
  • We advise you on mowing height and watering, the first two items mentioned here. If you allow us, we’ll even setup your irrigation controller for you at no charge!
  • We prevent weeds first by encouraging thick turf practices and then by pre-emergents and kill any existing weeds ongoing upon each visit or at you request if on an annual plan.

Another great practice is hiring a service (Higher Ground doesn’t provide this service yet) to annually perform core aeration.

  • This process pulls out plugs of soil basically creates space by perforating the lawn and loosening your compacted soil which helps root development.
  • These holes now better allow nutrients plus oxygen and amendments we add into your soil zone therefore improving the quality of the turf.

We take a common sense and healthy approach to Lawn care. We love to interact with our visitors, existing customers and to hear your comments! If you’d like to meet and discuss your lawn or need to request pricing please go HERE. If you just have a question you can Text, Call or Email.

Life’s Better Outside!

JP- Owner/Operator of Higher Ground

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