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April 20, 2021

Combining old fashioned customer service with the latest in high end products, Higher Ground provides a lawn you will be proud to show off! As a family-owned and operated company, we work hard for our residential and commercial clients in Duncanville TX. We are licensed professionals and stay up to date on the latest techniques for lawn care and pest control so you can enjoy your home and outdoors!

Lawn Care

You’ll be the envy of every neighbor with our annual lawn care program! Each season brings its own treatment applications. Based on the season and your individual lawns needs, we will apply the necessary care and treatments. Our products are the same high-quality products that golf resorts use to maintain their lush green quality. Your lawn will have the same beautiful appeal!  

For our new clients, we’ll bring your lawn up to speed by applying extra treatments within a 30-day period. Our attention and treatments will add vitality and health to your turf. After the fast-track program, our new clients will join our annual treatments for continued health and care.

Lawn Fertilization

To keep your lawn strong and healthy, we recommend lawn fertilization. Our annual maintenance treatments use organic fertilizer for a slow release of nutrition all season long. Organic fertilizer is safer for the environment and provides nutrition for the soil. Providing the proper care and soil pH levels, allows for increased water holding and valuable micronutrients for your plants and grass. You’ll love your lawn’s healthy look and curb appeal!

Lawn Pest Control

Now that your lawn is thriving with our lawn care maintenance, we can help you with lawn pest control as well. Pests carry disease that are harmful to humans and pets. While we are at your property, we will be able to determine the unwanted pests residing on your property. Our pest control treatments will help provide a barrier between your lawn and common pests in our area. We have the experience and high-end products to provide the pest control you want!

Fire Ant Control

Fire ants won’t harm your lawn, but their bites are painful for humans and pets! If you want to enjoy your lawn without the threat of fire ant bites, let our team of experienced pest control technicians treat your lawn with a specialized pesticide lawn treatment. When disturbed, fire ants will attack in a group. Their bites create a sudden pain, burning sensation then itchiness for days.

Our treatment will destroy their nests and the entire group of fire ants on your property. In addition, the treatment will continue to provide protection against future fire ants, fleas, ticks and other pests for up to a year. Call us today so you can get back outside to enjoy your lawn!

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