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June 7, 2021

Your lawn is important for your home’s overall curb appeal. Why not trust it to the professionals and experienced team of Higher Ground? As a family owned and operated company, we are committed to providing old fashioned customer service to our clients. We’ll keep your residential and commercial property in Cedar Hill TX looking healthy using only high-end products. We are licensed and experienced to handle all your lawn needs!

Lawn Care

Our lawn care team will keep your lawn looking lush. We provide treatments year’ round that protect your lawns. Our treatments are applied to provide maximum growth each season while adding weed and pest protection. Sprayed six times each year, our treatments include nutrients that may be missing or low in your soil to maintain a healthy growth. Plus, the treatments are applied to coincide with each different season.

For our new clients, we will apply 2 - 3 treatments with in 30 days to bring your lawn up to speed with the correct seasonal timing of each application. After the initial applications, your lawn will be on track with our lawn maintenance schedule!

Lawn Fertilization

We ensure the growth and health of your lawn by using a well-rounded blend of fertilizers that are applied at the appropriate times each season for maximum benefit. We spray golf resort quality organic and synthetic blended fertilizers to keep your yard healthy! Not only will the lawn’s roots be stronger, but you’ll love the added curb appeal a well-maintained lawn adds to your home! With our organic lawn fertilization treatments your lawn will receive lacking micronutrients, for improved soil health.

Weed Control

Some weeds can be harder to control than others but with our experience we understand which products to use and when. We will examine your soil and apply emergent and post-emergent treatments as needed. For those even tougher weeds, we apply selective herbicide that will target the weeds while leaving your grass unharmed.

Lawn Pest Control

Life is definitely better when you can enjoy getting outside on your lawn! Pests can carry disease that are harmful to humans and pets. If you have pests that are taking away your enjoyment, call us today to schedule your lawn pest control treatment. With regular treatment we can keep fleas, ticks, grubs, fire ants and more pests away from your lawn so you, your family and pets can get back outside!

Fire Ant Control

Warmer days bring lots of pests! If you think you might have fire ants call us to treat your property quickly before a family member or pet steps in a pile of fire ants! Getting bit by a fire ant can cause blisters, swelling, burning or itching! Before fire ants take away the pleasure of enjoying your lawn, call us to have your lawn treated right away to target the whole ant population.

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