Smart Permanent Lighting

Smart Permanent Lighting

Smart Permanent Lighting

We use PermaLites 365 to provide you with a custom lighting solution that you can control anywhere – anytime. It is almost invisible during the day and uses around 1/3 of the power that current LED C9s use while being brighter at the same time. Using the Decor Smart app via Bluetooth or remotely via a wifi gateway, you can create your own outdoor lighting event with Permalites for any and all Holidays or parties year-round. This system has individual addressable smart diodes that can create cool color effects for any occasion. Just think of it, no more having to DIY or hire a lighting contractor year after year for your Holiday Lights either and you can change colors anytime you want or keep it classy with just warm white! This is just one product of many of our color-changing lighting solutions that integrate and can be controlled on the Decor Smart platform. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our Smart Permanent Lighting solution:

Money Saving

By reducing energy bills as well as little no maintenance over its lifespan it pays for itself in 2 years. As well as an available 10-year warranty


With minimal electricity to operate and low-voltage lights, it makes it reliable and sustainable as it has a 50000-hour lifespan

Energy Saving

Using only 60 watts per 200 feet of lights the low-voltage LED lights use only 12% of the energy required for standard string lights and are 87 % more efficient

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JP, and his crew, are excellent! I love my permanent holiday lights and my yard looks fantastic! He stands behind his product with great integrity and professionalism. I highly recommend!

Mandy Bankston

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