If you are someone who cares deeply about your landscape, you have probably put countless hours into making sure everything looks exactly right. It is easy to get meticulous about your landscaping, ensuring every flower is properly spaced, and that each shrub is uniformly trimmed. At Higher Ground, we can appreciate this attention to detail, as we do the same for all of our clients. While it is important to pay attention to the details it is equally important to take a step back every now and then to enjoy the overall ambiance you have created. Landscape lighting illuminates your hard work, and shows it off in the best possible way. This allows you to take a breather and enjoy your landscape, but we can imagine you want to put the same level of care into any lighting installation. We can appreciate that too, so here are the building blocks of beautiful landscape lighting.

backyard landscape lighting

Understand the Focal Point of your Landscape

In order to light your landscape, you need to know your landscape. Even if you are working with a professional, the perspective of an attentive homeowner remains unbeaten. This starts with understanding and selecting the centerpiece of your landscape. It could be the seating at the center of a patio or your deck in a dark backyard. In any case, you want to know what you want to light. This will help in your initial design process, with a more focused set of priorities. Not all lighting is equal, and what you want to illuminate will reflect what is most important.

full backyard landscape lighting

Depth and Perspective

If you are interested in showing off your landscape to others, and not just how your lighting looks from when you look outside, then you need to consider perspective.
What will this lighting look like from various angles and locations? You and your family are not the only ones who will see the lighting. You want to show off your landscape to all. Whether it is family, friends, neighbors, or even potential buyers. Make your landscape the envy of the neighborhood with beautiful landscape lighting. The moral of the story, try to understand how your lighting will look from all different angles to make sure your landscape stands out from all perspectives.

showing the safety of landscape lighting at night in the rain

Purpose of Landscape Lighting

What is this lighting for? Is it meant to be a permanent fixture in your landscape, or is it just for an event like a holiday celebration? The answers to these questions will determine the purpose of your lighting which will help you through the design process. If you want to illuminate the front of your home, this will require different light fixtures, planning, and designing. More than just lining a walkway or driveway. Whether you’re looking to accentuate your home and property at night or add safety and security we would love to be able to help design your lighting project and light up the night.

Landscape Lighting Quality

Beyond just landscape lighting design, the quality of the lights that are used is important. You want something that is both efficient and sustainable, but that also looks great with the durability to last for many years. At Higher Ground, we only use the highest quality lighting materials, as we want to provide an installation for our clients that lasts. Nothing is worse than lighting your landscape, only for a problem with the lights to arise in just a couple of weeks.

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