Investing in a property, commercial or residential, is no small decision. You have likely invested significant capital, as well as time into the specific goals of the property. Ensuring that the outdoor aesthetic is just right, maintaining a pristine landscape, and even adding to the architectural elements of the structure. It is the latter that makes your property truly unique, as your building itself is the real centerpiece of your investment. You can draw attention to your architecture and showing it off should be a top priority, as curb appeal can be a primary factor in both commercial appeal and residential property value. Long story short, if you want to drive in business to a commercial location, or drive up the value of a residential home, there are some ways to do so using lighting.

Why Draw Attention to Architecture?

Many landscaping companies are not concerned with the attractiveness of your building. They simply want to maintain the landscape and move on to the next property. However, for commercial properties curb appeal is of the utmost importance. You need to drive in foot traffic for retail centers, potential tenants for office parks, and new residents for apartment complexes. These are but a few examples, but in each, the curb appeal of the property will be a determining factor in whether or not these people ever walk in your front door. For residential homeowners the appeal is simple, the better your property looks from the curb, the more attention it will receive at a higher price point on the market.

Permanent Outdoor Lighting

A simple yet effective way to show off the architecture of the building is by utilizing the already existing lines on the structure. Highlighting these lines with permanent LED lights that can be controlled from your phone gives you the creative freedom to choose the best color for holidays, seasons, celebrations, or even company brand color.

Architectural LightingDraw Attention To Your Architecture

Another way to utilize lighting to draw attention to the architecture is with – you guessed it – architectural lighting. This lighting is designed specifically to highlight the beauty of your commercial building or home. The two primary types of lighting are uplighting and downlighting. These are lights placed both at the top and bottom of your building. Uplighting is strategically placed at the base of your structure, illuminating the face of the building. Downlighting is a similar concept but is placed at the top of the structure and lighting downward. For a building with beautiful architecture, there are a few ways to better show it off.

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