Unlike the rest of the year, the holiday season has a unique way of reordering the most interesting properties. Rather than looking for the greenest lawns, or the prettiest flowers, most people will be on the lookout for the most creative holiday lighting. This usually begins with Halloween, and swings into Christmas. If you are insistent that your property be the center of attention, holiday lighting is the answer come fall. Starting with Halloween lighting, we want your lighting to be new and unique. To get you started, here are some of our favorite outdoor Halloween lighting ideas. Use these to be the best-lit property on the block.

halloween lighting design
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LED Lined House Lighting

When it comes to Halloween lighting ideas nothing beats the classic look of LED lights lining the roof of your home. Just like Christmas, these lights can display a general holiday cheer, and act as the foundation for any additional lighting. At Higher Ground, we specifically use Permalite 365 lighting, which is a long-lasting and high-quality LED that can be controlled through your phone. So, during the Halloween season, you can select orange and purple, switching over to red and green when Christmas rolls around. These lights are extremely durable and useful all year long, so your lighting investment extends far beyond Halloween.

Three Dimensional Displays

Ever seen a front yard transformed into a graveyard during Halloween? These yards are often some of the best around with three-dimensional skeletons, witches on broomsticks, or jack o’ lanterns. Very similar to the Christmas-themed examples on our website, you can request one of the aforementioned Halloween examples. Adding both lighting and a functional piece of fear for Halloween night, there is nobody who will outdo you.

Themed Flood Lights and Uplighting

Another great way to add simple but effective Halloween lighting is by creating a general ambiance with the broad lighting of your home or landscape. Floodlighting illuminates large areas, and instead of bright white lighting like you see for a high school sporting event, you can use flood lighting to add an orange hue to your whole property. The same concept applies to uplighting your home, as you can flood it with that orange hue and let everyone know your love for the holiday. In either case, you create a great foundation to get creative within. Using this base you can go crazy at the local Halloween store with all sorts of cool decorations.

String Lighting to Accent

While you might typically think about cafe lighting for elegant hosting, you can also use these string lights on Halloween. They can be hung from trees, across fences, or even over your front porch. Using the right color scheme is key for them to contribute to your festive look, but with Higher Ground, you get all the options. Using our experienced team for design and installation will also lead to better results, as we can tailor our service to your needs.

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