Our favorite time of the year is here. At Higher Ground, we treat our company like a family, and never feel closer than during the holidays. This is partly because we get to spend so much of our time working on outdoor lighting and decor for our commercial and residential clients. Bringing the holiday spirit that we feel to the properties of our partners is a truly rewarding experience. This is why we prioritize quality, as it means so much to us. However, when you add holiday decor like life-size nutcrackers, three-dimensional ornaments, and lighted nativity scenes, it means more to others. In this blog, we want to discuss all of the people who will appreciate your installation of outdoor holiday decorations. 

Guests of a Residential PropertyThe People Who Will Appreciate your Outdoor Holiday Decorations

In terms of adding holiday decorations to a residential property, there are obvious benefits for you and your family. Getting to come home every day to a bright and happy landscape is a blessing in and of itself. However, the guests of your property get to experience these decorations for the first time, rather than becoming accustomed to them over time like you inevitably do. They will be in awe of their beauty and impressed by the investment. This will raise the curb appeal of your property immensely, and you can be prepared for compliments from each and every guest.

Potential Customers of a Commercial Property

Unlike the guests of a residential property, visitors to a commercial property generally have a goal in mind. Let us remove current tenants from the mix, and only discuss those looking to spend money, whether it be a prospective tenant of an office park, or a retail customer at a mall. These visitors are judging your property management, comparing it to others, and looking for the best experience possible. Simply put, a commercial property full of holiday decorations will be perceived as infinitely better than a bland property, especially during the season. By investing in holiday decorations, potential customers will appreciate it, take note, and reward you with their business.

Current Tenants and Employees of Commercial Property

Another group that greatly benefits from the addition of holiday decorations, is the people that work on-site at your commercial property. These can be the in-house staff of the property or the employees of various tenants. It could even be the caretakers and patients at a medical facility, or the pastor of a church. All of these individuals will welcome the addition of festive decorations, and appreciate the boost in morale. They will take greater pride in their property, as property management takes a greater pride in them.

Property Managers and HomeownersThe People Who Will Appreciate your Outdoor Holiday Decorations

It seems like we have discussed everyone who will benefit from the addition of holiday decorations, except for you; the decision maker. We know that when you walk into your home or place of business, you will be uplifted by the colorful beauty of your holiday decorations. After seeing how much better your property feels with their addition, and the effects on your guests and staff, we know you will see what a worthwhile investment it was. 

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