Everyone around is now familiar with outdoor lighting. Take a trip to any luxury neighborhood or gated community and you will find that lighting has become the newest trend. Now, unlike previous trends that might have required a substantial investment outside your price range, or access to the equipment you might not have, lighting is accessible to all. Not only is it accessible, but it is also available in its best form at a reasonable price. Rather than old lights using antiquated technology, high-tech smart lighting is now an affordable option. It is rare to find such an intersection of budget-friendly and quality architectural installations, but smart lighting is the diamond in the rough. We will use this blog to go over some of the features that make it such a worthwhile investment.

Smart Lighting: Color Changing Landscape Lights And MoreUser-Friendly Accessibility

The best part about smart technology in most industries is that they save the user time and increase the efficiency of a process. In the case of lighting, you now have the ability to control these lights from your phone, with a wide range of options. If you want to avoid the hassle of pulling down and putting up new lights every time you want to change colors, you can now just pull your phone out and choose any color you desire. Not only that but with Permalites you can change color by the pixel and select light motions such as fade, ping pong, or waves. All of this is done through the cloud at the click of a button on your smartphone. Now you can avoid the boring lack of customization that is single-colored, always on, never off lighting. With smart permanent lighting, you can turn them on at night, off during the day, or vice versa. 

Architectural Improvement of Structure

Without outdoor lighting, both commercial and residential properties can feel imposing. The addition of lighting adds an inviting feeling that can’t come at a better time than the holiday season. Once again, there is a reason that so many luxury properties now possess outdoor lighting, from beautiful homes to hotels and office buildings. If these property owners have decided that such lighting is beneficial for their property, why wouldn’t it be beneficial for yours? The lining of your structure creates symmetry and adds an interesting element that could set your property apart from others. Aesthetic appeal is nothing to scoff at and can determine the value of your property when it comes time to sell. This is where the architectural improvement can also be functional, as lighting your building will make it more easily identifiable and increase the likelihood that someone will spend their money at your place of business.

Affordability of InstallationSmart Lighting: Color Changing Landscape Lights And More

With all these benefits you might be wondering how this could possibly be an affordable endeavor. Well, statistics show that most installations pay for themselves within the first 2 years, simply based upon the reduction of energy bills and the lack of maintenance required. This is true because LED bulbs require 87 percent less energy to operate than their counterparts. With 50,000 hours of use and a 10-year warranty, you can be sure that whatever you do invest will be well worth it.

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