Every landscape requires a bit of flair to stand out. You might think that this would come in the form of colorful plant material or a unique hardscape. However, there is a great way to separate your property from the pack without actually changing anything about your lawn and landscape.

Lighting your outdoor space can add a luxurious feel and extend the hours you can utilize your landscape. Especially with the peak of summer right around the corner, you will spend more time outdoors than ever, with temperatures staying warm late into the night.

With this in mind, we will discuss three distinct outdoor lighting ideas for the summer so that you can show off your property.

smart permanent lights on a gazebo

1. Outdoor Tree Lighting and Hanging String Lights

In an ideal outdoor setting, you have a common area, like a deck or patio, where you can spend your time. We would not be surprised if you also had some large trees in your yard, and we hope you do.

One of the most popular outdoor lighting ideas and a great way to light your outdoor space in a more natural manner is to hang up a cafe or string lights in your trees, providing overhead lighting to your patio.

This can create a beautiful ambiance and the perfect vibe to hang out with friends and family. Branches provide natural hooks, which your professional install team can use to light your landscape. Also, color-changing uplighting might be more of your style.<

In addition, you can use bistro lights to create an inviting ambiance to any outdoor space with their warm glow. You can use them to customize your outdoor living spaces’ colors, look and appeal.

They can be easily installed in various areas, adding a subtle touch to your spaces at night. Other than trees, you can drape them around a pergola to light pathways and accentuate particular architectural features.

2. Perimeter Architectural Lighting

Another way to light your backyard is with string lighting that is strung around your perimeter. Rather than just lighting your deck or patio, your common area and backyard are lit.

This can increase the safety level of your landscape, allowing children and pets to play later into the night. It will also prevent potential criminal theft or trespassing on your landscape, as a well-lit landscape deters such behavior.

You get all the benefits of beautiful lighting while mitigating risk for your family and property.

permanent color changing lights

3. Permanent Color Changing Lighting

If you are looking to make a splash this summer, we have you covered. Custom intelligent lighting solutions can be exciting and tailored to your specific desires. Uniquely offered by our team at Higher Ground, we utilize PermaLite 365 for our smart permanent lighting to allow you to make changes down to the pixel.

They provide 50,000 hours of life and save you on your energy bill month to month when compared to their LED counterparts. While the metrics are great, you must remember how stunning these lights would look outside your home.

Curb appeal and property value are sure to increase with these lights. Plus, an added bonus is that these lights can be used for many Holidays throughout the year, including Christmas, or for special occasions or events hosted at the property.

4. Wall Lighting

Adding wall lighting is an excellent idea if you want to add outdoor lighting for your porch, arbor, pergola, deck, or patio. Wall lights can be used to improve the usability of your spaces.

This type of lighting fixture offers a variety of options that you can use to add accents and different themes to your outdoor spaces. You can add subtle aesthetic dimensions using moderate low voltage lights and recessed lights, which you can use to highlight posts, brickwork and sidings.

In addition, you can use mini spot lights, eyelids and sconces for a more subtle illumination, which can be used to create a variety of stylized options, including rustic, modern and traditional lighting.

If you want to achieve even lighting distribution across a large area, you can use wash lights to provide broad illumination. They create a consistent lighting effect, eliminating dark spots and harsh shadows. They’re also an excellent option for highlighting stylish outdoor architectural features of your exteriors, creating more visual interest in your outdoor spaces.

5. Deck Lighting

Deck lighting serves both functional and aesthetic purposes for your outdoor spaces. These lighting systems significantly improve deck safety, illuminating the surroundings. You can also use them to create a warm and inviting environment where you can enjoy summer evenings. They can match the style and theme of the other lighting fixtures you used for your posts and railings.

These lighting fixtures come in various forms, giving you plenty of design options, including rail, stair, recessed and cap lights. They can serve as accent lights to create captivating focal points, creating visual interest and depth.

patio lights

6. Patio Lighting

Patio lighting options offer flexibility to match any need or design you have in mind for your outdoor spaces during the summer season. You can use them for task lighting to serve practical functions.

The type of illumination will vary depending on the activities you want to have outdoors. You can use overhead lights to brighten up your grilling area. You can use lamps and lanterns to add a rustic, homey feel to your patio table, creating an intimate dining experience.

On the other hand, consider using under-counter lighting, which creates a cozy mood when enjoying an evening meal with friends and family.

path lights

7. Path Lights

Pathway lighting systems also serve as essential task lights improving the safety of your surroundings and pathways. Instead of flooding the entire space with light, you can add a touch of elegance using pathway lights, providing localized lighting pools only in the areas where you need them to illuminate walkways safely.

Pathway lights serve as a practical solution for illuminating garden paths, poolside and driveways. They help prevent accidental slips, trips and falls, increasing the safety of your property. In addition, these lighting systems enhance the curb appeal of your surroundings, creating sophisticated accents to your surroundings.

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