Every landscape requires a bit of flair to stand out. You might think that this would come in the form of colorful plant material or a unique hardscape. But there is actually a great way to separate your property from the pack, without actually changing anything about your lawn and landscape. Lighting your outdoor space can add a luxurious feel, and extend the hours you can utilize your landscape. Especially with the peak of summer right around the corner, you are going to be spending more time outdoors than ever before, with temperatures staying warm late into the night. With that in mind, we are going to discuss three distinct outdoor lighting ideas for the summer, so you can show off your property.

smart permanent lights on a gazebo

1. Outdoor Tree Lighting

In an ideal outdoor setting, you have a common area, like a deck or patio where you can spend your time. We would not be surprised if you also had some large trees in your yard, and we hope you do. One of the most popular outdoor lighting ideas and a great way to light your outdoor space in a more natural manner is to hang up cafe or string lights in your trees providing overhead lighting to your patio. This can create a beautiful ambiance, and the perfect vibe to hang out with friends and family. Branches provide natural hooks, which your professional install team can use to light your landscape. Also, color-changing uplighting might be more your style.

2. Perimeter Fence Lighting

Another way to light your backyard is with string lighting that is strung around your fence. Rather than just lighting your deck or patio, your common area is lit along with the rest of your backyard. This can increase the safety level of your landscape, allowing children and pets to play later into the night. It will also prevent potential criminal theft or trespassing on your landscape, as a well-lit landscape deters such behavior. You get all the benefits of beautiful lighting while mitigating risk for your family and property.

3. Permanent Color Changing Lighting

If you are really looking to make a splash this summer, we have you covered. Custom smart lighting solutions can be exciting and tailored to your specific desires. Uniquely offered by our team at Higher Ground, we utilize PermaLite 365 for our smart permanent lighting to give you the ability to make changes down to the pixel. They provide 50,000 hours of life and actually save you on your energy bill month to month when compared to their LED counterparts. While the metrics are great, you cannot forget how stunning these lights would look on the outside of your home. Curb appeal and property value are sure to increase with these lights. Plus an added bonus is that these lights can be used for many Holidays throughout the year including Christmas or for special occasions or events hosted at the property.

Work With the Professionals at Higher Ground

It can be appealing to DIY install landscape lighting, but the result will simply not be up to the standard of a professional team. This is largely due to the meticulous design involved, as we like to be precise in our installation. We are also incredibly experienced, having lit the outdoor areas of so many local events and residents. Working with Higher Ground is in your best interest, so feel free to give us a call anytime.

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