It’s December, which means we’re officially in the full holiday swing. Many folks already had their trees decorated and their halls decked before they even sliced the Thanksgiving turkey. But if you’re still struggling to come up with ideas for how to bedazzle your yard and home without resorting to a cheesy blow-up Santa Claus or a projector light display, this is the blog for you.

There are plenty of ways to light up the hearth while keeping it sophisticated and classy. Whether you’re going for big, overstated 3D lighting pieces, fully wrapped trees or you’d prefer to keep it simple and elegant, check out our top four favorite unique holiday lighting ideas below.

Custom Oversized Lawn Ornaments

Whether you purchase them online or make them a DIY project, a few oversized lawn ornaments lend a warm, homey glow to your yard. Line them up along the walkway for a festive welcome to your guests, or cluster them throughout your lawn for an eye-catching pop of light.

Cascading Tree Lights

These gorgeous string lights gently dangle from the tree branches in your yard. They mimic the appearance of falling snow or a star shower and are stunning to look at. You can also wrap the tree in traditional Christmas string lights for an added appeal or keep the eye focused on the illuminated eye candy that is sure to dazzle your neighbors.

Window/Tree-Hung Snowflakes

While we aren’t likely to see snowfall on Christmas in Texas, nothing says you can’t use snowflake lighting décor to brighten your home and yard. By using pre-lit snowflakes or Moravian star luminaries, you can easily make any space warm, festive, and inviting. Dangle them from an overhang on your porch or hang them behind your windows to create a welcoming glow from within.

Landscape Lighting

Looking for help with your Christmas lights installation this season? For most, Christmas is not complete until you see the houses twinkle during the dark Winter nights. Christmas lights transform your home’s bleak winter landscape into a festive wonderland. That transformation can take a lot of work, especially if you don’t get them up before the cold temperatures should arrive.

Whatever lighting options you choose, the most important thing is that you enjoy the final product and can revel in the joy and cheer it brings to you and your loved ones. Higher Ground Lawn Care and Lighting are ready to take your property to a higher level. Experience why your neighbors and businesses in University Park, TX & surrounding areas choose Higher Ground Lawn Care & Lighting to bring their property to the next level. Contact Us at (682) 206-3596 or check out our website today.

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