When it comes to lawn care and landscaping, the primary purpose is to be able to enjoy time spent on your property outdoors, right? The goal is to create a space that you want to utilize, whether that be for kids to play or the parents to host their friends after a fun night out. To do this you need to add amenities that are both aesthetically pleasing, and functionally usable. Of course, general landscape maintenance makes a big difference, with healthy turf and pretty flowers in the plant beds only enhancing the image. Keeping these areas of your landscape not only intact, but flourishing is what we specialize in at Higher Ground. So, we wanted to share with you 3 of the ways you can enjoy spending time in your outdoor living spaces, and how Higher Ground can contribute.

Outdoor Dinner: Lighting is Everything

As the namesake of the blog, we have to start off with our favorite way to enjoy time in our own outdoor living spaces. Everyone on the team at Higher Ground agrees that taking advantage of the beautiful Texas weather and taking dinner outdoors is a luxury. Although we can’t help you out with the seating arrangements, we recommend starting out with a nice seating set for your back deck or patio. Where we can help is with the lighting. The goal is to make your outdoor dining area feel like a high-end restaurant. Any outdoor area at a nice eatery is going to be completed with their patio lighting. These are also known as cafe lights and string lights because they are strung up over the top of the eating area. They provide an ideal ambiance and create a romantic atmosphere for any occasion. 

Healthy Plants Enhance Outdoor Living

Everyone knows that the healthier plant material is, the better it looks. This is true with your turf, as health directly dictates the depth of color and the strength of the grass. The same applies to annual and perennial flowers, as their blooms will be more profound when they are properly cared for. Thus, health is integral to the quality of your outdoor living space, especially when it comes to plants, shrubs, and trees. Shrubs and trees can provide privacy and structure to the space. With our landscape bed and ornamentals plan, we provide a combination of organic fertilizers and pre-emergent preventive treatments to keep plants both healthy and protected. As your plants realize the benefits of the treatment they will reward you with their beauty all year long.

3 Ways To Enjoy Outdoor Living Spaces

Family Fun in the Yard: Organic Keeps Everyone Safe

The lawn can be a place of great family fun, from sports to a jungle gym. To allow your children and pets to enjoy this area, you need to be confident that your turf is safe. This cannot be the case if it is full of disease, pests, and weeds. With our organic hybrid lawn care program, we make sure that the only thing feeding your soil is organic in nature. This avoids unnecessary chemical applications that can harm you or your pets. It also keeps soil healthy which keeps turf healthy and avoids bare spots and brown patches. 

Utilize these services that we provided then you can enjoy your outdoor living spaces.

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