Being a lawn care and lighting company, we are often faced with many common lawn care questions and asked to weigh in on timeless debates. Recently it has come to our attention that there has been renewed discussion on whether wet grass can be cut. While it used to be a firm no, modern landscaping technologies have progressed very far. There are many reasons not to cut wet grass, as you will likely get a messier cut, and mower clogging is very common. Conditions can also become hazardous on sloped surfaces when the turf is wet. Your equipment must be in order, and you must be aware of best practices when taking on the task. We wanted to compile our thoughts on the topic, with 5 things you must know when cutting wet grass. As we do not perform mowing services at Higher Ground, we want our customers to stay informed.

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1. Sharpened Blade: A Must for a Clean Cut

Dull mower blades are awfully inconvenient rain or dry, causing a cut to be uneven or inconsistent. The best practice is to keep your blades sharp at all times. However, it is even more important when conditions are wet. Moist grass clippings can clump up, and a dull blade may slide off of a few blades of turf. No matter the scenario, if your turf is wet your blade must be recently sharpened.

2. Keep the Blade Raised: Increased Margin for Error

A best practice is never to cut off more than ⅓ of any given blade of grass, in any circumstance. However, many people like to cut their grass very short, in order to lower maintenance costs or time. When cutting wet grass, you should try to be conservative, and cut off no more turf than necessary. This will prevent clippings from clogging the mower and lessens the difficulty of making a clean cut.

3. Do not bag, Do not mulch, Eject

The last thing that you want to happen when you are mowing wet grass is for wet grass clippings to clump up together, and clog your mower. This is common when the grass is wet, as it sticks together much easier. To further prevent clogging, eject mulch away from the mower, rather than attempting to bag or mulch grass underneath the mower. Wet grass clippings sitting atop your lawn are actually festering sites for disease, so spreading them out decreases the risk.

4. Wet Grass Can and Will Stain Clothes and Shoes

Should you decide to take on the endeavor of mowing your grass when wet, you should wear clothes you do not mind getting dirty. If you have ever walked through recently cut wet grass, you will notice that it stains your clothing. Although this is self-explanatory, we know how annoying it would be to ruin a nice shirt or new pair of shoes.

5. Safety 101: Mow Sideways on Slopes

Finally, on this list, we discuss the most important aspect of mowing your lawn when it is wet. On sloped surfaces, never mow vertically up and down the slope, as you risk slipping, and the mower coming right back at you. Instead, mow sideways across the slope, and if it comes down to it, let go of the mower. Your safety is always most important, so only mow your wet grass if it is an absolute necessity.

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