If you keep up with our blog, you know we love to talk about outdoor lighting. Along with lawn care, it is one of our core services, and a service we truly believe lights up the lives of our clients. Yes, the pun was intended. They offer incredible benefits to any type of customer, commercial or residential. Not only do outdoor lights illuminate your beautiful outdoor space, but they also enable its use for longer hours into the night. Not to mention that the property becomes exponentially safer, with criminal activity deterred and your kids able to easily put one foot in front of the other. However, have you ever needed lighting for a specific event or holiday? In this blog, we will discuss how you can utilize outdoor lights for every occasion.

Intimate Dinner: Anniversary, Birthday, or Just a Date

Has the local steakhouse been getting old? Is everyone itching for some home cooking? Well, you can bring the luxurious ambiance of an upscale restaurant to your deck or patio with cafe lighting. Also known as patio lighting, or string lighting, these are strings of lights hung across the top of your outdoor eating area. In fact, you have probably seen these exact lights in the courtyard of such a restaurant. The soft lighting they provide will serve to light up you and your significant other, without the excess that a backdoor light might have. Instead of lighting up the entire backyard when you want to use your outdoor patio, this keeps you isolated, and maintains the intimacy of the seating area. These lights are perfect for hosting an anniversary dinner, or a birthday party. However, make sure you do not skimp out on the food preparation, or the lighting might not make up for it!

The Holiday Season: Customization has you Covered

In this section we will be lumping together pretty much every holiday into one. This might be confusing at first, and we do not blame you for wondering how we could possibly cover each holiday with one lighting installation. Let us introduce you to the outdoor smart permanent lighting we offer from Permalites 365. These lights are installed on the lining of your roof and are managed from your phone. Yes, Bluetooth is the method by which you can change the lighting to any color on the wheel. They can even be made to fade in and out, or come in waves. This means that when Halloween rolls around, orange it is. Then, when the Fourth of July is the following week, you throw on red and blue to share your patriotism. Likewise for any holiday on the calendar.

Specialized Lighting for a Special Event

What if your event is too specific for any generalized installation? Well, our team at Higher Ground still has you covered. We do custom lighting installations for birthdays, weddings, Diwali celebrations and even Quinceañeras. It is our goal to match the ambiance you desire, and we will work with you tirelessly to achieve just that. 

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