Why Starting at the Beginning of the Year for a Lawn Care Program is Best

January 1, 2020
Why Starting at the Beginning of the Year for Lawn Care Program is Best

New year, new lawn – By starting an official lawn care program in the middle of winter, you are properly preparing your lawn to thrive once the spring and summer months roll around. Many Texas homeowners waste energy and money fighting an uphill battle against invasive weeds and annoying pests all because they started their lawn care a couple months too late.

Fight Weeds & Pests with a Winter Application

Every annual lawn care plan should begin with a winter application treatment. The purpose is to apply spring pre-emergent to prevent the usual round of spring and summer weeds from overtaking your lawn. This stage is your starting point because it clears your lawn of unwanted growth before any fertilizer treatment is done early spring.

The sooner you prepare your lawn for springtime growth, the sooner you achieve the type of growth and vibrance you want. You may also consider a year-long fire ant control treatment during this stage to keep pests in check.

Winter months are a valuable time to plan out your lawn care program for the year.

Higher Ground Lawn Care & Lighting offers an Organic Hybrid Annual Lawn Care Program that focuses on the natural health of your lawn. Learn more about our treatment schedule or contact us directly to start this year off right.

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