Summertime Pest Prevention

April 19, 2021

With warmer days quickly approaching and many of us spending more time out in the sunshine, it's time to start thinking about prepping your lawn for the coming season. For residents in the Dallas–Fort Worth Metro area, this includes making sure your lawn is treated thoroughly for pest control. Whether you have fire ants, ticks, fleas or other harmful pests lurking in your yard, it's important to make sure your yard prepped and ready for all the outdoor fun that summertime brings!

Fire Ant Prevention

As a homeowner, you know all too well that warm weather brings with it a host of unwelcome guests. The last thing you want to find in your yard while playing with your kids is a fire ant mound. Summertime is prime time for these kinds of pests to flourish, and in order to prevent a family member or pet from unwittingly stepping into a pile of ants, it's essential to treat your lawn early in the season. While fire ants can certainly be unsightly for your lawn, they are more of a nuisance to you and your pet causing significant pain.

Flea and Tick Prevention

Fleas and ticks pose a problem not only for humans, but for animals as well. Any pet owner whose furry friend has contracted fleas understands the difficulty involved in getting rid of them, especially once they've travelled indoors. Ticks also pose a threat to both animals and humans, as they carry a variety of nasty diseases. Both creatures thrive in warmer months, especially in the Grand Prairie TX area, and when spending more time outside it's vital to ensure your yard is a safe place that the entire family can enjoy.

While there are certainly a variety of ways to get rid of pests using DIY methods, it's highly recommended to have a professional treat your outdoor areas. The technicians at Higher Ground Lawn Care are trained in preventing and removing all types of pests native to Mansfield, TX and the surrounding areas. We take care of the hard work so you can rest assured knowing your family and pets are safe to play outside. Call us today to find out more about the lawn pest control services we provide and how we can help you!

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