Lawn Care must do: MOW HIGH!

August 2, 2017
Weed vs. Grass! Who’s going to win?

The key to the lawn care game is competition. You want to make things favorable for the grass and unfavorable for the weeds so the grass will choke out the weeds. Naturally.

Although we use pre and post emergents at our disposal we want to encourage natural solutions first and foremost.

Lawn Care must do: MOW HIGH!

There is a fight for sun between Grass and Weed. If the grass doesn’t shade the weed, the weed will shade the grass. Sun is food needing during photosynthesis process. Food is strength and life. Shade is weakness, disease and death. Grass will shade the weeds only if it is tall enough. The shade of tall, dense grass turf will prevent essential light from reaching most weeds and, will aid in the destruction of new baby weed seedlings germinating (such as the notorious dandelion).

MYTH: “If I mow short, it will be longer until I have to mow again.” False! Wrong! (SLAP! SLAP! SLAP!) Your grass needs grass blades to do photosynthesis (convert sunshine into sugar) to feed the roots. When you whack the blades off, the grass has to RACE to make more blades to make sugar. It then grows amazingly fast. This fast growth uses up a lot of the grass’s stored sugar, and weakens the plant. It is now vulnerable to disease and pests! Tall grass is healthier and can use the extra sugar to make rhizomes (more grass plants) thus thickening the turf. Have you ever noticed that short grass in the summer is always riddled with dead brown patches?

If you have a serious weed infestation, consider mowing twice as frequently as you normally do. The sensitive growing point for grass is near the soil. The sensitive growing point for most weeds is near the top of the plant. So when you mow, it’s as if you are giving your grass a haircut and cutting the heads off of the weeds.

Finally, when mowing, be sure to leave the clippings on the lawn. It adds organic matter and nutrients back into the soil. If you don’t leave the clippings, your soil will begin to look more like “dirt” than soil. Soon it will be a form of cement that nothing will grow in and you will have the world’s most pitiful lawn. Some people are concerned about “clumping” – that only happens when you mow too short or when you don’t mow often enough.

Mowing higher gives the following perks:

  • more shade to the soil leads to less watering
  • deeper roots which leads to less watering
  • thicker turf which leads to fewer weeds
  • slower growth which leads to less mowing

Check out this pic. Someone started to mow and then I convinced them, as an experiment, to set their mower higher. This pic was taken about six days later as summer is setting in. Can you see the difference?

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