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April 19, 2021

Higher Ground is a family owned and operated company providing premium lawn care and pest control services to the Pantego TX area. Our residential and commercial customers, trust our professional and honest customer service. We only use high end quality products, so you have a lush and healthy lawn to enjoy for relaxation or entertaining with friends and family!

Lawn Care

Keeping a healthy lawn takes time and the proper care. At Higher Ground, we use only the highest quality products for your lawn treatments. Our annual lawn care program provides the care and treatments for year-round beauty and growth. As a local company, we are familiar with our weather and temperatures, so we understand the best timing and which treatments to apply to your lawn.

If you are a new client, we will start with our fast-track approach to bring your lawn up to the quality of turf you deserve. After two to three treatments in 30 days, your lawn be on track to continue to benefit from our annual treatment program.

Lawn Fertilization

Our team specializes in lawn fertilization to keep your lawn looking its best! Lawn fertilization is applied at various times throughout our annual maintenance program during appropriate seasons to allow for the release of nutrients at a slower rate into the soil. Our fertilizer treatments provide a valuable source of nutrition to grass and plant roots. These create strong growth and adds curb appeal to your property.

Weed Control

Don’t let the beauty of your yard be overtaken by weeds! Our lawn experts will analyze your soil to determine the best treatment to remove and keep the weeds away. We use the best herbicides and pre-emergents and post-emergents for effective weed control. The best weed control is keeping your turf strong and healthy. The treatments we apply will remove the weeds without any damage to your turf.

Lawn Pest Control

Enjoy your lawn pest free with our pest control services. Our highly experienced team are familiar with the local pests and know how to control them so you can safely enjoy your outdoor area! We will apply treatment to not just control them but remove them from interfering with you and your pets outdoor space!

Fire Ant Control

If your property has fire ants, you’ll want a pest control expert to handle their removal! Fire ants are aggressive. If you attack their nest without the proper training, they can attack by biting and they attack in groups. Their bites create sudden pain, a burning sensation and itchiness.

As pest control experts, we have the experience to treat the fire ants nest using a specialized pesticide lawn treatment. In addition to removing the nest in its entirety, it will also help control fleas, ticks and mole crickets! You will get your lawn back for outside enjoyment for the entire family and pets!

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